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Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)


The Primary objective of Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) is to match the pace of the technological development and growth in the industry
    and to enhance employability of students of VPKBIET.

This cell will also focus to evolve educational program with the requirements of the industries.

We will establish adequate facilities for enhancing knowledge of budding engineers of VPKBIET.

And last but not least is to strengthen relationship with industry.

Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) will have focus on evolution of engineering Curriculum, industrial exposure and placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country.

IIIC will also looking for to solve engineering problems of industries. Likewise, there is a need to prepare engineering graduates industry ready. IIIC at VPKBIET will expose budding engineers to newer technologies and engineering methodologies through internships/industrial visits/ Sponsored Projects.

These objectives can only be achieved well fostering relationship between industry and the academic institute.
Road-map to Promote Industry Institute Interaction

Establishment of Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)

Preparation of Information Brochure which will include R&D activities taken place at institute, expertise available,
   equipments and testing facilities available at all departments of VPKBIET.

Establishing contacts and regular communication between near-by industries.

Identification of top executives of near-by industries and inviting them on campus.

Preparation of database of experts available in the various domains and establishing linkages with them.

Signing MoU to foster relationship strategically.

Reviewing and re-structuring UG/PG Syllabus to meet the need of the industry.

Arranging Faculty training Programs / Internship Programs in industry

Organizing Faculty/Student Development Program in association with industry.

Utilizing membership of various industrial professional bodies and participating in activities of it.

Establishing laboratories in association with industry.

Establishing Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) in association with industry.

Organizing Industrial Visits to nearby industries.
Thrust Areas Identified

Restructuring curriculum as per industry requirement

Exchange of Experts between two parties

Involvement of Teaching Staff in Industry

Industry Sponsored Projects

Institute to gain Confidence of Industry

Consultancy and R&D work

Development of Technological Database

Continuing Education Program in association with industry

Establishment of Linkages

Revenue Generation
The IIIC Committee at VPKBIET Baramati
Dr. R. S. Bichkar
Dr. Dinesh Hanchate
Mr. Sahil Shah
Dr. Nitin Jadhav
Mr. Santosh Kare
Ms. Jyoti Bhong
Dr. Shirish Bali
Mr. Shantanu Jagdale
Mr. Ramchandra Rakate
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The IIIC Activities

Expert Talk on “An Innovation: The Key Success for Every Business”

Mr. Sanjay Ankolikar ( owner of RMinds Inc. and Prabhas Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune) .

31st August 2018