VPKBIET | Baramati

Center of Excellence (CoE)

Center of excellence in Machine Learning and AI

To develop skills and knowledge in the domain of machine learning for creating talented and industry-ready Engineers.
  • To become a center of excellence in the domain of machine learning focusing on multi-disciplinary research.
  • To provide knowledge and skills of machine learning to faculty and students.
  • To collaborate with academic institutions and industries working in the domain of machine learning
  • To develop Center of Excellence in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • To encourage multi-disciplinary research and collaborative work with industries and institutes of repute
  • To identify employability skill-gap at the entry level and plan activities to bridge it
  • To collaborate with institutions and industries for knowledge generation, technology/knowledge transfer and consultancy
  • To identify potential job roles in the domain of machine learning
  • To provide research facilities and opportunities for quality improvement
  • To motivate faculty and students for research publications
  • To encourage students and faculty members for product development and applying for intellectual property rights
    Areas of Research (Not limited to ….)
  • Data mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Mining
  • Intelligent Image Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Evolutionary Computations

    Short Term Goals
    Sr. No. Activity Priority
    1. Self-Learning High
    2. Student Projects High
    3. Exhibitions High
    4. Participation in Competitions/ Workshops / STTPs Mid
    5. Faculty Development Program Low
    6. Student Development Program / Skill Development Program Mid
    7. Expert Talks Low
    8. Industry Visits / Tech-fest Visits Low
    9. Placements High
    10. Internships High

    Long Term Goals
    Sr. No. Activity Priority
    1. Patents and Commercial Product Development High
    2. Research Publications High
    3. Multi-disciplinary Projects High
    4. National and International Collaborations Mid
    5. Research Center Mid

    Inauguration of the Center of Excellence in Machine Learning and AI

    The inauguration of the center was done by Dr. Nilesh J. Uke, Principal, K. J. College of Engineering, Pune and Dr. Vandana Joshi, Professor, College of Engineering (COEP), Pune on 16th January 2019.

  • Center of excellence in Web Technologies

    About the Center
    Web technologies are a general term referring to the many languages and multimedia packages that are used in conjunction with one another, to produce dynamic web sites. Each separate technology is fairly limited on its own, and tends to require the dual use of at least one other such technology.

    To provide an opportunity to learn skills required for creative, effective and professional web site design and development and enhance the knowledge of Web Technologies.
  • Develop the skills required to create web applications.
  • To provide knowledge and skills of Web Technologies to students and other stockholders.
  • Gain insights into new trends and features in the web development marketplace.
    Inauguration of the Center of Excellence in Web Technologies

    The Center was inaugurated on 11th October 2019 with an Activity conducted as Mini Project Exhibition Cum Competition. The inauguration was done by Mr. M. B. Sankeshwar, Chief Executive Officer and MD, Textile Park, MIDC, Baramati. At the time of Inauguration Hon. Principal Dr. R.S. Bichkar, Dean Academics Dr. Rajveer Shastri, HOD IT Dr. S.A. Takale and other Heads of the department, Dr. D.B. Hanchate along with Senior Faculties of the Department and Institute were present.
    The center was inaugurated with Mini Project Exhibition Cum Competition as a First Activity.

  • Center of Excellence in PLC SCADA

    To provide skills and knowledgerequired for Automation and Robotics Industry. To enhance the employability through Interdisciplinary research.
  • To provide Industrial Training for students.
  • To strengthen Industry Institute Interaction.
  • To provide platform to students to interact with industry experts.
  • To make the facilities of project building and consultancy.
  • Industry relevant features to be added in the existing lab for uplifting the academic environment.
  • To be utilized for training of students , staff and industry persons.
  • To train the staff and utilize them to train others by organizing the hands on trainings.
  • To facilitate research facility.
  • Ability to gain knowledge on Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Will understand different types of Devices to which PLC input and output modules are connected
  • To provide the knowledge about understand various types of PLC programming languages.
  • Able to create ladder diagrams from process control descriptions.
  • Ability to apply PLC timers and counters for the control of industrial processes
    Inauguration of the Center of Excellence in PLC SCADA

    Inauguration of PLC SCADA center was done on 16th September, 2019 in the presence of Hon. Principal Dr. R.S. Bichkar and Dr. N.B. Wagh Head of Department Electrical Engineering.