VPKBIET | Baramati

Modern Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering faculties have developed in-house Modern Vibration and Engineering Mechanics Laboratory under the close supervision and guidance of Dr. Suryajirao Bhonsle, Former Professor of Michigan Tech. University, Houghton, USA. This laboratory setup includes advanced equipment of National Instruments along with necessary software support.

This Modern Vibration Laboratory provides the platform to perform following state-of-the-art experiments:
  • Determine spring constant and Natural Frequencies under different masses. Study of after effect of initial conditions on Natural Frequencies.
  • Determine mass moment of inertia of a complicated mass about its rotating and centroidal axis.
  • Study of the effect of linear and non linear rotating mass.
  • Trifiler disc to determine mass moment of inertia of automobile & moving bodies.
  • Determine damping coefficient 'C' using logarithmic decrement process.
  • Determine natural frequencies of two mass systems under different initial conditions.
  • Determine complex & periodic response of vibrating object and fit Fourier series function to such response.
  • The Modern Engineering Mechanics Laboratory facilitate the learner to design and test the various aspects of Engineering Mechanics. This state-of-the-art laboratory is used to give the hands on experience to the budding engineers through following experiments:
  • Measurement of basic engineering parameters such as Young's Modulus - E, Poisson's Ratio - ?, Shear modulus - G
  • Determination of Stress concentration factor K.
  • Deflections in a rectangular beam.
  • Multi-axial stresses in a hollow pressurized cylinder
  • Bending stresses in a composite beam.
  • Buckling critical load in columns of various lengths.
  • Stresses in a beam subjected to dynamic load.
  • The laboratory is equipped with the advanced RF test and measurement setup of Agilent and Tektronix make equipment supported with the necessary software viz., IE3D, CST Microwave Studio and OptiSystem. These resources are most useful in designing and fabrication of RF Circuits and Micro-strip Antenna Structures.
    Advanced Computer Centre supports high computing facility in the area of Parallel Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition, and Digital Signal Processing. The necessary hardware and software supports are provided in this laboratory along with high speed optical backbone network. Around 120 high speed terminals are available in this laboratory which fully supports the aforesaid activities.
    The laboratory is equipped with advanced computers and a master controller computer to monitor and guide students individually. This lab supports and enhances Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing Skills of students with special emphasis on Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Stress and Intonation Pattern. It also provides them a unique platform to prepare for various competitive examinations viz., GRE, TOEFL, GATE, IELTS, ITEP, UPSC, MPSC, etc.


    The institute provides comfortable clean and safe hostel accommodation, with requisite amenities and mess facility for all boys and girls requiring hostel facilities. The rooms are connected to the main server by Wi-Fi and high speed internet facility. Laundry services with washing machine are provided in each hostel. Each hostel has mess in the hostel building and provides water purifier with RO technology. Strict supervision of kitchen and drinking water facilities ensures cleanliness and hygiene.
    The institute has a full-fledged canteen which is open to all for seven days. It offers a variety of wholesome and hygienic food-items at affordable cost.

    Medical Assistance

  • First Aid, Medical Treatments to the Students, Faculty and Staff residing in the Vidya Pratishthan Campus.
  • Ambulance on call 24 X 7.
  • The State Government Public Health Centre and Hospital having 25 beds with Emergency services adjacent to VPKBIET Campus
  • Amartya Shikshan Yojana Policy for Students: Accidental insurance covering the Full Cost of Education in case of parental loss.
  • Accidental Insurance Policy for Staff and Students
  • Mediclaim Support to all Non-Teaching Staff
  • Free Health Check-up Camps
  • Ga. Di. Ma. Sabhagriha

    Entertainment and co-curricular activities go hand in hand in the life of the young boys and girls. The Ga.Di.Ma. Auditorium with a seating capacity of 2000, is fitted with all the modern systems including a 35mm projector to screen movies. The hall is hub of cultural activities and extra-curricular competitions.

    Community Center

    Its facilities include daily needs like a Stationery Store, Medical Store, Saloon, Snacks Center and Bank etc.

    Nakshatra Garden

    The jogging track encompassing the garden which has been topped with red soil for comfort of daily walkers. The layout of the garden is based on the zodiac signs of the almanac and provides serene atomospheare for those inclined towords philosophical mindset.