VPKBIET | Baramati


Students of VPKBIET are actively engaged in various cultural events celebrated periodically in the institute. ''NABHANGAN ''is the annual cultural festival at VPKBIET which involves celebration of various days like Tie and Saree Day, Traditional Day, Chocolate Day etc. During traditional day, various classes perform a small act on the traditional theme assigned to them. This platforms a unique example of ''Unity in Diversity'' when all traditional themes across various states in Nation are represented by the students.

This cultural carnival boosts Students' energy while participating in various events such as Dindi, Treasure Hunt, Dance, Drama and Singing Competitions. Dindi is a unique event organized during NABHANGAN which involves performance by various classes on several themes like ''Women Empowerment'', ''Conservation of Energy'' etc. which appeals to the prospective stake-holders of the society.