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About Training & Placement Cell

– At VPKBIET, we don’t just dream, we make it happen!

The Training and Placement Cell (T & P) at VPKBIET Baramati regularly organizes training programs for enhancement of the right attributes in students to increase their employability. The T&P cell conducts various activities to attract excellent opportunities for students and to strengthen the Institute Industry tie-up.

VPKBIET also has a long term association with various industries like Cummins India Pvt. Ltd, Bharat Forge, Piaggio Vehicles, TE Connectivity, Persistent Systems, Extentia Information Technology, etc. The Industry- Institute Partnership also helps students for their Summer/Winter Internship and availing sponsored projects.


Name Designation Contact Email
Dr. Vishal Kore Central TPO, VP 8605254254 tpo@vpkbiet.org
Mr. S. H. Kumbhar Training & Placement Officer 8625872587 placement@vpkbiet.org
Mr. Santosh Kare Assistant Training & Placement Officer 9922555958 santosh.kare@vpkbiet.org
Mr. V. V. Rampurkar T & P Coordinator, Comp. Engg. 9975780477 vyanktesh.rampurkar@vpkbiet.org
Mr. Mayur Gawade T & P Coordinator, E&TC Engg. 9975421100 mayur.gawade@vpkbiet.org
Mr. Dipak Yeole T & P Coordinator, Elect. Engg. 8983574774 dipak.yeole@vpkbiet.org
Dr. R. J. Patil T & P Coordinator, Civil Engg. 9864811706 ravindra.patil@vpkbiet.org
Mr. Pradip Ghorpade T & P Coordinator, AIDS Engg. 9860687262 pradip.ghorpade@vpkbiet.org
Mr. C. A. Date T & P Support Staff 8668572118 charudatta.date@vpkbiet.org


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Ten Tough Interview Questions and Ten Great Answers

The following are some of the most difficult questions you will face in the course of your job interviews. Some questions may seem rather simple on the surface such as “Tell me about yourself” but these questions can have a variety of answers. The more open-ended the question, the wider the variation in the answers. Once you have become practiced in your interviewing skills, you will find that you can use almost any question as a launching pad for a particular topic or compelling story.

1. Tell me about yourself.

My background to date has been centered around preparing myself to become the very best I can become. Let me tell you specifically how I have prepared myself . . .

2. Why should I hire you?

Because I sincerely believe that I am the best person for the job. I realize that there are many other college students who have the ability to do this job. I also have that ability. But I also bring an additional quality that makes me the very best person for the job, my attitude for excellence. Not just giving lip service to excellence, but putting every part of myself into achieving it. In and I have consistently reached for becoming the very best I can become by doing the following . . .

3. What is your long-range objective?

Where do you want to be 10 or 15 years from now? Although it’s certainly difficult to predict things far into the future, I know what direction I want to develop toward. Within five years, I would like to become the very best your company has. In fact, my personal career mission statement is to become a world-class in the industry. I will work toward becoming the expert that others rely upon. And in doing so, I feel I will be fully prepared to take on any greater responsibilities that might be presented in the long term.

4. How has your education prepared you for your career?

As you will note on my resume, I have taken not only the required core classes in the field, I have also gone above and beyond. I have taken every class the college has to offer in the field and also completed an independent study project specifically in this area. But it’s not just taking the classes to gain academic knowledge I have taken each class, both inside and outside of my major, with this profession in mind. So when we are studying in, I’ve viewed it from the perspective of In addition, I’ve always tried to keep a practical view of how the information would apply to my job. Not just theory, but how it would actually apply. My capstone course project in my final semester involved developing a real-world model of, which is very similar to what might be used within your company. Let me tell you more about it . . .

5. Are you a team player?

Very much so. In fact, I’ve had opportunities in both athletics and academics to develop my skills as a team player. I was involved in at the intramural level, including leading my team in assists during the past year.I always try to help others achieve their best. In academics, I’ve worked on several team projects, serving as both a member and team leader. I’ve seen the value of working together as a team to achieve a greater goal than any one of us could have achieved individually. As an example . . .

6. Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or professor? How was it resolved?

Yes, I have had conflicts in the past. Never major ones, but certainly there have been situations where there was a disagreement that needed to be resolved. I’ve found that when conflict occurs, it’s because of a failure to see both sides of the situation. Therefore, I ask the other person to give me their perspective and at the same time ask that they allow me to fully explain my perspective. At that point, I would work with the person to find out if a compromise could be reached. If not, I would submit to their decision because they are my superior. In the end, you have to be willing to submit yourself to the directives of your superior, whether you’re in full agreement or not. An example of this was when . . .

7. What is your greatest weakness?

I would say my greatest weakness has been my lack of proper planning in the past. I would overcommit myself with too many variant tasks, then not be able to fully accomplish each as I would like. However, since I’ve come to recognize that weakness, I’ve taken steps to correct it. For example, I now carry a planning calendar in my pocket so that I can plan all of my appointments and to do items. Here, let me show you how I have this week planned out . . .

8. If I were to ask your professors to describe you, what would they say?

I believe they would say I am a very energetic person, that I put my mind to the task at hand and see to it that it’s accomplished. They would say that if they ever had something that needed to be done, I was the person who they could always depend on to see that it was accomplished. They would say that I always took a keen interest in the subjects I was studying and always sought ways to apply the knowledge in real world settings. Am I just guessing that they would say these things? No, in fact, I am quite certain they would say those things because I have with me several letters of recommendation from my professors and those are their very words. Let me show you . . .

9. What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have?

The key quality should be leadership, the ability to be the visionary for the people who are working under them. The person who can set the course and direction for subordinates. A manager should also be a positive role model for others to follow. The highest calling of a true leader is inspiring others to reach the highest of their abilities. I’d like to tell you about a person who I consider to be a true leader . . .

10. If you had to live your life over again, what would you change?

That’s a good question. I realize that it can be very easy to continually look back and wish that things had been different in the past. But I also realize that things in the past cannot be changed, that only things in the future can be changed. That’s why I continually strive to improve myself each and every day and that’s why I am working hard to continually increase my knowledge in the field. That’s also the reason why I want to become the very best your company has ever had. To make positive change. And all of that is still in the future. So in answer to your question, there isn’t anything in my past that I would change. I look only to the future to make changes in my life.


  • Do not reproduce the answers verbatim.
  • Do not repeat the same answer in each and every company, as this might put you in a tight situation.
  • Research the company well before attending the interview.
  • If possible, try to know the area in which you are expected to work and model your answers accordingly.
  • Give a small pause before you start answering a question and also in between your answers.

This conveys a fact to the interviewers that you are thinking before answering, and not just blurting out the mugged up answers. If this work of mine has really helped you in any way or if you think this is a very useful reference tool, please send me an e-mail. I will be looking forward for all those gratitude mails. BYE.


Training organized by T & P Cell at VPKBIET

Training Programmes Agency/Trainer Duration / Schedule Participants
Career Awareness Session Mrs.Shilpa Mahajani
Mr.Kaustubh Thanawala (Cognizant)
10 May 2024 BE (AIDS, Computer & IT )
Career Awareness Session Mr.Kamlesh Upadhyay (Manager Center of Excellence & OE) 4 May 2024 BE (AIDS, Civil, Computer, ENTC, Electrical & IT )
Career Awareness Session Dr. Vishal Kore( Central TPO VP Baramati) 1 April 2024 BE (Civil, ENTC, Electrical & Mechanical)
Softskill Training Mr.Rushikesh Nikam ,Mr. Sweedal Mathew
Mr. Shashank Sahay, Ms.Kshitija Prajane
Mrs. Shruti Kambale, Mrs. Shreya Shah
Mr.Saquib Kazi, Ms. Mausami
11 Mar. to 13 Mar. 2024 TE (AIDS, Civil, Computer, ENTC, Electrical, IT & Mechanical)
Zensar ESD Python Training Mrs. Dipti M.(Zensar ESD) 5 Feb. to 11 Feb. 2024 TE (AIDS, Computer, E&TC & IT)
EY GDS Full Stack Web Development Training (Phase II) Mr.Mahesh Kurhe,
Mr.Shashank Shekhar (EY-GDS)
5 Feb. to 9 Feb. 2024 TE (AIDS, Computer, E&TC & IT)
Opportuinites of Higher Studies Mr. AJIT Adsul(VIIT Baramati ) 29 Jan. 2024 BE (Mechanical)
TMEIC AlumSpeak Journey from Campus to Career Mr.Krishnat Kshirsagar,
Mr. Shubham Pawar
27 Jan. 2024 BE (Electrical)
EY-GDS training on Emplyability Skill Development Mrs.Ishita BiSwas,
Mr. Akarsh Ramachandra (EY-GDS)
15 Jan. to 25 Jan. 2024 TE (AIDS, Computer, E&TC & IT)
Career Guidance Seminar Dr. Satya Saste
(Stealth Mode Fintech Startup Founder)
23 Nov. 2023 TE (AIDS, Computer & IT)
Full Stack web Development Training (EY-GDS) Mr.Hari & Siva 16 Oct. to 20 Oct. 2023 TE (AIDS, Computer, ENTC & IT)
Zensar ESD Aptitude Training Mr.Mayur Nikam 16 Oct. to 21 Oct. 2023 TE (AIDS, Computer, ENTC & IT)
Higher Study Opportunities in Foreign Countries Mr.Krushna A.(Associate Vice President, Ashiraj Educatiion Overseas) 12 Sept. 2023 BE All
WNS Global Career Readiness Program Mrs. Aishwarya Khade , Pratima Karkale & Balwinder Kaur 16 Aug. to 21 Sept. 2023 BE All
GTT Barclays Aptitude Training Miss.Sakshi Sood, Mr.Dhiraj Salunkhe 11 Aug. 2023 to 16 Aug. 2023 BE All
Career Awareness Session Dr. Visahl Kore (Central TPO Vidya Pratishthan ) 8 April 2023 BE All
GTT Barclays Aptitude Training Mr.Kartik Nimbalkar 15 Nov. 2022 to 25 Nov. 2022 BE All
SQL/PSQL Training (Zensar ESD ) Mr.Abdul Shaikh, Mr.Rohit Agarwal 14 Sep. 2022 BE(Computer, IT, E&TC, Mechanical, Civil & Electrical )
Career Awareness Session Mr.Visahl Kore (Central TPO ) 7 Sep. 2022 TE(Computer, IT, E&TC & AI&DS)
Whisper Personality Development and Menstrual Hygiene Seminar for Female Students Mrs.Monali More ,Dr.Aparna Sajjan 5 Sep. 2022 TE & BE Girls Students(Computer, IT, E&TC, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical & AI&DS)
Amcat Awareness Session Mr.Ankur Srivastava 23 Aug. 2022 BE(Computer, IT, E&TC, Mechanical, Civil & Electrical )
Zensar ESD Awareness Session Mr. Suraj Kumbhar (TPO VPKBIET ) 23 July 2022 TE(Computer, IT, E&TC & AIDS)
Career Awareness Session Mr.Visahl Kore (Central TPO Vidya Pratishthan ) 9 July 2022 BE(All)
Oppoourtinity of Higher Study (MBA) Dr.Yuvraj Nalawade ,Mr.Ajit Adsul VIIT Baramati 29 Mar. 2022 to 29 Mar. 2022 BE(All)
Zensar ESD Core Java Training Program Megha Sumant 27 Mar. 20022 to 31 Mar. 2022 TE (Computer, ENTC,IT)
Networking & Developing your LinkedIn Profile Mr.Charudatta Date 27 Dec. 2021 to 27 Dec. 2021 FE(All)
Job Readiness Mr.Suraj Kumbhar TPO 23 Dec. 2021 to 23 Dec. 2021 FE(All)
GTT Aptitude Training Program Mr.Sanket Kavi 24 Nov. 2021 to 3 Dec. 2021 TE (Civil,Elect.,Mech.) )
Zensar ESD (Python )40Hrs Megha Sumant (Computer)
Ashwini Kakade- (IT)
Aarti Kulkarni - (E & TC)
15 Nov. 2021 to 25 Nov. 2021 TE (Computer, IT & E&TC)
Zensar ESD (SQL PLSQL )40Hrs Priti Rathi (TE Computer)
Mr. Vinay Agnihotri (TE IT)
Mr. Rohit Agrawal (TE E&TC)
13 Oct. 2021 to 26 Oct. 2021 TE (Computer, IT & E&TC)
Zensar ESD(Aptitude Training )24 Hrs Mr. Sandeep Walinjkar (TE Computer)
Mr. Mayur Nikam(TE IT)
Pratiksha Tilekar(TE E & TC)
27 Oct. 2021 to 31 Oct. 2021 TE (Computer, IT & E&TC)
GTT Aptitude & Verbal Ability Training Mr.Kartik Nimbalkar, GTT 13 Sept. 2021 to 20 Sept. 2021 BE (2020-21 Passout Batch)
GTT Aptitude & Verbal Ability Training Mr.Kartik Nimbalkar, GTT 13 Sept. 2021 to 20 Sept. 2021 BE (2019-20, Passout Batch)
GTT C Programming Mr. Madhav Kapadia, GTT 2 Aug. 2021 to 8 Aug. 2021 BE (All)
GTT Verbal Ability Training Mr. Robert Gouder, GTT 30 July 2021 to 1 Aug. 2021 BE (All)
GTT Aptitude Training Program Mr. Dhananjaykumar, GTT 16 July 2021 to 21 July 2021 TE (Computer, IT & E&TC )
GTT Aptitude Training Program Mr. Dhananjaykumar, GTT 23 June 2021 to 07 May 2021 TE (All )
Career Opportunities in Management Field for Engineers Mr. Shivtej Mandve 11 April 2021 All
Gradeup GATE Awarness Session Mr. Vaibhav Patil, Gradeup 28th Feb. 2021 SE (All )
FE Induction Program Vishal Kore, VPKBIET 5th Feb. 2021 FE (All )
Zensar ESD (Python Training) Mr.Mujaheed Hussani , Mr.Abdul Shaikh 21st Jan.2021 to 1st Feb. 2021 BE (Comp.,IT,ENTC )
Essay Writing SessionĀ (Wipro NLTH 2020-21) Anil Patil, VPKBIET 12th Jan. 2021 BE (Comp.,IT,ENTC & Elect.)
Essay Writing SessionĀ (Wipro NLTH 2020-21) Nilesh Pandhare, VPKBIET 11th Jan. 2021 BE (Comp.,IT,ENTC & Elect.)
Zensar ESD (SQL/PL SQL training) Rahul Barve, Jay Vegesna 4th Jan. 2021 to 8th Jan. 2021 BE (Comp.,IT,ENTC)
Zensar ESD (Aptitude Training ) Pranav Thorat, Sagar Deshmukh 1st Jan. 2021 to 4th Jan. 2021 BE (Comp.,IT,ENTC)
TCS NQT 2021 C Language Programming Preparation Vyankatesh Rampurkar, VPKBIET 2nd Oct 2020 to 10th Oct. 2020 BE (Comp.,IT,Civil,ENTC,Mech.,Elect.)
TCS NQT 2021 English Section Preparation / Crack the English section of recruitment test of MNC companies. Anil Patil, VPKBIET 27th Sep. 2020 to 4th Oct. 2020 BE (Comp.,IT,Civil,ENTC,Mech.,Elect.)
TCS NQT 2021 English Section Preparation / Crack the English section of recruitment test of MNC companies. Nilesh Pandhare, VPKBIET 25th Sep. 2020 to 9th Oct. 2020 BE (Comp.,IT,Civil,ENTC,Mech.,Elect.)
TCS NQT 2021 Programming Section Preparation. Shrikant Dhage, VPKBIET 25th Sep. 2020 to 26th Sep. 2020 BE (Comp.,IT,Civil,ENTC,Mech.,Elect.)
Energy Conservation and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Mr. Sudhir Shah (Trainer PCRA) 9th August 2020 SE,TE & BE (Electrical)
Python Training Zensar ESD 7th to 11th March 2020 TE (E&TC, Comp. & IT)
Aptitude Training Mr. Sanir Kittur, Aptech Computer Education 24th Sep. 2019 TE (E&TC, Comp. & IT)
Aptitude Training Rakesh Agarwal & Rohit Runwal, 4C Training 12th to 20th August 2019 FE
Aptitude Training Fatema Tinwala
Hasiem Khan
Sheetal Kazi, Wordsmaya Training
12th to 20th August 2019 FE
English and Communication Skills Prashant Jagtap, Eminent Training World 6th to 8th July 2019 TE (E&TC)
Aptitude Training Tushar Joshi & Sagar Deshmukh, 4C 25th to 29th June 2019 BE & TE (Civil)
Soft Skill Training Vidisha Joshi, Zensar 21st to 23rd June 2019 BE-IT
Soft Skill Training Rahul Mhaske, Zensar 21st to 23rd June 2019 BE-Computer
Core Java Training Pradeep Kakade, Zensar 10th to 20th June 2019 BE(Computer & IT)
PLC SCADA workshop Impluse Technologies,Pune 16th to 18th March 2019 Electrical
4C Aptitude Training Mr.Akshay Babar ,Mr.Amit Patil,Sagar Deshmukh 10th to 14th Jan. 2019 TE (Computer,E&TC & IT)
Java Training Conclusion Mr.Kiran Jadhav 22nd Sep. 2018 BE(IT & Computer)
Java Training Conclusion Mr.Kiran Jadhav 15th to 19th Sep. 2018 BE(IT & Computer)
An Inovation: The key success for every business Mr. Sanjay Ankolika 31st August 2018(3 Hrs) BE(All Branches)
4C Training (Aptitude ,Matematical,Logical,Physchometric & Case Study) Sumit Udaygiri and Rohit Runwal 27 to 31st August 2018 BE(All Branches)
GTT Training Struti Sahare, Shrikant Sundergiri 23rd & 24th Aug. 2018 BE(IT, Elect. & Computer)
GTT Training Struti Sahare, Shrikant Sundergiri 20th & 21st Aug. 2018 BE(Mech.,Civil & E&TC )
Information about TCS Ninja Mr.Vishal Kore 19th Aug. 2018 BE (E&TC)
Java Training Mr.Jadhav Kiran(Credit Systems India Pune) 15th and 19th Aug. 2018 BE (IT & Computer)
Java Training Mr.Sahil Shaha ,K. S. Bhagwat,V. S. Rampurkar 16th & 17th Aug. 2018 BE (E&TC)
Information about TCS Ninja Mr.Vishal Kore 15th Aug. 2018 BE (E&TC)
Information about TCS Ninja Mr.Vishal Kore 11th Aug. 2018 BE (IT & Computer)
Matlab Programing Mrs. Pooja Jaiswal
Mr. Govind Devasuth
1st Aug. 2018 39
Electrical Motor Maintenance Mr. Rohit Tarade, Mr. Dipak Yeole 28th July 2018 Electrical Department Students
Training and Placement Opportunity Mr.Jadhav Kiran(Credit Systems India Pune) 28th July 2018 BE (Computer & IT)
Python: An Introductory Programming Workshop Mahesh Gaikwad 27th to 29th July 2018 TE & BE (Mechanical)
HR Interview Meghna Sawant 24th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Group Discussion Mr. Anil Patil 24th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Technical Interview Mr. D. M. Padulkar 24th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Quantative Round (50 Marks) Test Mr. Prashant Raut 24th July 2018 (1.30 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Quantative Analysis Mr. Prashant Raut 23rd July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
English Communication Mr. Anil Patil 23rd July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Electrical CAD Hafiz Minhajuddin Shaikh /Nikhil Vaidya 21st July 2018 BE (Electrical)
Quantative Analysis Mr. Prashant Raut 19th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Resume Preparation Mr. Dinesh Zende 19th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
English Communication Mr. Anil Patil 19th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
English Communication Mr. Anil Patil 18th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
Resume Preparation Mr. Dinesh Zende 18th July 2018 (1 Hr.) BE (IT & Computer)
Quantative Analysis Mr. Prashant Raut 18th July 2018 (2 Hrs) BE (IT & Computer)
English Communication Mr. Anil Patil 17th July 2018 (1 Hr.) BE (IT & Computer)
Aptitude Test Introduction Mr. Prashant Raut 17th July 2018 (1 Hr.) BE (IT & Computer)
Zensar Interview Preparation awareness session Hon.Principal Dr. Bichkar 17th July 2018 (1:30 Hrs.) BE (IT & Computer)
Solid Edge Dr.Gawande,Mr.Bhapkar A.V 14th July 2018(1 Day) SE (Mechanical)
Training on structural Software Mr. Nayak C.B 14th July 2018(1 Day) BE (Civil)
E-Yantra Workshop Mr. S. U. Kolhar(VPKBIET, Baramati) - 37
(SE & TE-E&TC)
ISTE Skill development program (In house) Mr. Sahil Shah, Mr. Rampurkar Vyankteh,
Prashant Raut and Shashank Biradar(VPKBIET, Baramati)
- 81
Skill Development Program on Basics of PLC (TE & BE-Electrical & E&TC) Ms. Shreemanti Rokade
Mr. Ramchandra Rakate
(VPKBIET, Baramati)
14-15 July 2018 BE (Electrical)
Robotics Dr.Shastri R K.,Mrs.Rangole J. S.,Kolhar S. U. 14-15 July 2018 BE (E&TC)
Introduction to Machine Learning using R and Wekas Mr.Zende.D.A.,Mr.Padulkar D.M 14th July 2018(1 Day) BE (Computer & IT)
Java Programming Mr. Sahil Shah,Mr. Keshav Bhagwat, Mr. V. Rampurkar 14th July 2018(1 Day) TE & BE (IT)
Zensar Employability Skill Development Program(BE-IT & Computer) Zensar 11-21 June 2018 -
Training on Soft skills,Java & Advanced Java Zensar 29th May to 2nd June 2017 -


Academic Year 2023-24
Name of Student Company Name Package(LPA) Branch
Rajgouri Chavan ADS Technologies 2.04 Electrical
Jeevan Zagade ADS Technologies 2.04 Electrical
Shesherao Sawandkar ADS Technologies 2.04 E&TC
Renuka Kore ADS Technologies 2.04 E&TC
Pooja Ithape ADS Technologies 2.04 E&TC
Avdhoot More Technofour 3.61 Mechanical
Ganesh Gadhave Technofour 3.61 Mechanical
Sourav Yadav Technofour 3.61 E&TC
Yogesh Chavan Technofour 3.61 E&TC
Ritesh Khore Raja Software Lab. 7 Computer
Ruturaj Bhoite Clover Infotech 4 Computer
Dhiraj Malusare KSB 3.6 Mechanical
Akash Nimgire KSB 3.6 Mechanical
Aishawarya Salunkhe Jio Digital 1.44 E&TC
Adhiraj Gophane Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Prathamesh Panage Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Pranav Salunkhe Bista Solutions 7.7 Computer
Saurabh Kosarkar Clonlabs 3.5 E&TC
Ghanshyam Rajure Analyser 3.3 Mechanical
Utkarsh Idage Analyser 3.3 Mechanical
Rohit Dhotre Capgemini 7.5 AIDS
Abhishek Kubde Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Abhishek Raut Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Atharva Gosavi Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Harshada Khuspe Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Ritika Pawar Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Shreyash Somvanshi Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Vaishnavi Shendge Capgemini 5.75 AIDS
Aditi Bhalekar Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Aditya Jadhav Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Amey Suryawanshi Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Gauri Maid Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Maithili Jagtap Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Nishant Kathavate Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Pooja More Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Adiraj Patil Capgemini 5.75 E&TC
Pranit Jadhav Capgemini 5.75 E&TC
Sonali Patil Capgemini 5.75 E&TC
Abhijit Ghodake Capgemini 5.75 IT
Pranav Karanjikar Capgemini 5.75 IT
Atharv Patil Capgemini 5.75 IT
Pramod Malusare Capgemini 5.75 IT
Pranav Katkar Capgemini 5.75 IT
Rani Malusare Capgemini 5.75 IT
Alfiya Tamboli Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Harshad Duchal Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Mohammed Pathariya Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Pranav Chothave Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Pratiksha Pawar Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Rushikesh Shinde Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Shreyas Kulkarni Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Suyog Pawar Capgemini 4.25 AIDS
Vishvjeet Patil Capgemini 4.25 Civil
Abhijeet Pandarkar Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Atharv Karne Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Kaustubh Gade Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Pranjal Nale Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Prathamesh Doni Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Riddhi Chavan Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Rutuja Kadam Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Shivprasad Bendre Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Shruti Ghadage Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Srushti Surpur Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Swapnil Khatik Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Tejas Pagale Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Vaishnavi Jambhale Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Varad Mahadik Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Yogansh Wagh Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Sakshi Vibhute Capgemini 4.25 Electrical
Aditya Nimbalkar Capgemini 4.25 E&TC
Akash Koli Capgemini 4.25 E&TC
Atharva Atpadkar Capgemini 4.25 E&TC
Nisarga Pund Capgemini 4.25 E&TC
Sagar Kamble Capgemini 4.25 E&TC
Sanket Ghorpade Capgemini 4.25 E&TC
Saqib Shabir Capgemini 4.25 IT
Pravin More Capgemini 4.25 IT
Om Jadhav Capgemini 4.25 IT
Manasi Mokashi Capgemini 4.25 IT
Jivan Mate Capgemini 4.25 IT
Jaykumar Patil Capgemini 4.25 IT
Dhruvakshi Gathe Capgemini 4.25 IT
Aishwarya Dombe Capgemini 4.25 IT
Aditi Patil Capgemini 4.25 IT
Nikita Waghmare Capgemini 4.25 IT
Priyanka Bhise Tech. Mahindra 3.25 IT
Vishal Jadhav Raja Software Lab. 7 IT
Pratik Ghadge Raja Software Lab. 7 Computer
Aishwarya Kate Deloitte 4.5 IT
Aishwarya Dombe Deloitte 4.5 IT
Abhijeet Gaikwad Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Dnyaneshwar Kashid Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Omkar Sanas Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Rohit Wakade Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Rohit Jadhav Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Vishvjeet Patil Suroj Buildcon 2.82 Civil
Bharati Gajakas Indovance 3 Civil
Nanasaheb Salunkhe Indovance 3 Mechanical
Ankur Abhang Indovance 3 Mechanical
Akash Jadhav AVL 3.5 Electrical
Mahesh Pandhare AVL 3.5 Electrical
Pratik Murte AVL 3.5 Electrical
Rohini Shirke Mahametro Rail Project 2.72 E&TC
Samruddhi Gaikwad Epiq 4 IT
Shraddha Kale Birlasoft 3.94 IT
Vaishnavi Jawale Birlasoft 3.94 IT
Pratiksha Kharbas Birlasoft 3.94 IT
Arati Deshmukh Birlasoft 3.94 IT
Rutuja Khose Birlasoft 3.94 E&TC
Mansi Todmal Birlasoft 3.94 Computer
Muddsarnazar Mujawar Adani Cement 4.25 Electrical
Shivam Deokate Adani Cement 4.25 Civil
Akash Polkar Adani Cement 4.25 Mechanical
Shripad Kulkarni Adani Cement 4.25 Mechanical
Suraj Thorat Crab and Taur 2.5 Mechanical
Prashant Nevase Crab and Taur 2.5 Mechanical
Rutuja Magar Crab and Taur 2.5 Mechanical
Om Kanse Capgemini 4.25 Mechanical
Aditya Pawar Capgemini 4.25 Mechanical
Rushikesh Phalke Capgemini 4.25 Mechanical
Shivaraj Dande Capgemini 4.25 Mechanical
Aishwarya Shinde Tech.Mahindra Limited 3.25 IT
Pratiksha Kharbas Prorigo 4 IT
Sneha Jagtap TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Shantanu Pandav TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Sanika Shedge TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Mayur Kokare TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Rohit Borade TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Omkar Pillewar TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Payal Golande TMEIC 4.5 E&TC
Om Mohite TMEIC 4.5 E&TC
Chaitanya Gore TMEIC 4.5 E&TC
Vedant Raut Accenture 4.6 AIDS
Aniket Rohokale Accenture 4.6 Computer
Ritesh Khore Accenture 4.6 Computer
Sujata Gawali Accenture 4.6 Computer
Vaishnavi Sakhare Accenture 4.6 Computer
Atharva Jadhav Accenture 4.6 IT
Rohit Khalate Accenture 4.6 IT
Zankar Choudhary HCL Technologies Ltd. 3.25 E&TC
Punam Deshmukh KPIT 4.5 IT
Arati Deshmukh KPIT 4.5 IT
Prajakta Yele KPIT 4.5 E&TC
Manasi Chavan KPIT 4.5 E&TC
Mahadevi Mukadam KPIT 4.5 Computer
Neha Dakle Infosys 3.9 IT
Swapnil Waghmare S M Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 2.12 Mechanical
Riddhi Chavan IBM 4.5 Computer
Saurabh Kadam Hodek Vibration Technology Pvt Ltd 3 Mechanical
Tejas Dhavale Hodek Vibration Technology Pvt Ltd 3 Mechanical
Tushar Sonavane Hodek Vibration Technology Pvt Ltd 3 Mechanical
Indira Lakhotiya Tech. Mahindra 3.25 Computer
Pratiksha Kondake Ordnance Factory 1.2 Mechanical
Prasad Ghodke Sanjivani Construction 2.76 Civil
Swapnil Jadhav Sanjivani Construction 3.12 Civil
Akash Chavan Accurate Sales and Services Private Limited 2.52 Electrical
Pratik Jadhav Accurate Sales and Services Private Limited 2.52 E&TC
Kaina Shaikh Persistent 5 AIDS
Muskan Pathan Persistent 5 AIDS
Vishakha Jagtap Persistent 5 AIDS
Akshaya Girniwale Persistent 5 Computer
Prajakta Ghanwat Persistent 5 Computer
Sanika Sahuji Persistent 5 Computer
Swati Shelake Persistent 5 Computer
Sakshi Kaware Persistent 5 IT
Udaysingh Pawar Hexaware/Deloitte 6/4.5 Computer
Ujjwala Nagargoje Knest 3 Civil
Tejas Mahadik Knest 3 Civil
Abhishek Sherkar Knest 3 Civil
Tejas Pawar Knest 3 Mechanical
Sankalp Jiman Knest 3 Mechanical
Dhanashri Sapkal Knest 3 Civil
Vishwajit Kate KSB 3.6 Mechanical
Aditya Madane Infoweb 4.44 E&TC
Nihal Mulani Wilo 4 Mechanical
Amar Godase Bharat Electronics Limited 3.6 Mechanical
Tushar Kamble Bharat Electronics Limited 3.6 E&TC
Kunika Shah Accenture 4.6 Computer
Dnyaneshwari Nalawade Accenture 4.6 Computer
Shivam Patange IHUBNTIHAC Foundation 4.8 E&TC
Sanket Kakade Bajel Projects Limited 2.4 Electrical
Muddasarnazar Mujawar Bajel Projects Limited 2.4 Electrical
Gauri Narute Stars Management 1.6 E&TC
Aminabi Mulla JOMBAY 4.11 Computer
Trupti Shinde Alchmemy Solution/Knest 2/3 Civil
Pooja Nalawade Eleation 3 Mechanical
Total 186
Academic Year 2022-23
Name of Student Company Name Package(LPA) Branch
Navnath Pawar Aviotron Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. 3.5 Mechanical
Pragati Nimbalkar Aviotron Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. - Electrical
Renuka kanade Aviotron Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. - E&TC
Nikita Bacha Byjus/Aviotron Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. 7/3.5 E&TC
Mayuri Shete Siemens 10 E&TC
Sameer Hake Aloha Technology Private Limited 4 E&TC
Kiran Memane Divgi 2.4 Mechanical
Prasad Prabhune Varroc 4 E&TC
Mayur Madane Fiat India 2.75 Mechanical
Shivsharan Patil LDRA 4 Computer
Shashikant Bhong Fiat India 2.75 Electrical
Shashikant Bhong Fiat India 2.75 E&TC
Karan Deokate Infra Market 4 Civil
Shivam Deokate Infra Market 4 Civil
Virdhawal Darade Infra Market 4 Civil
Saurabh Nimbekar Atos 3.4 E&TC
Shubham Desale AVL 3.5 Electrical
Vaibhav Swami AVL 3.5 Electrical
Abhinav Khatal AVL 3.5 Electrical
Sarvesha Kapse Evonix 3.5 E&TC
Tapish Verma Byjus 4.5 Electrical
Yogita Karande Fujistu 5 IT
Shraddha Chobe Maximize Market Research Private Limited 1.44 E&TC
Ajay Nikam C V Patil Associates 1.8 Civil
Harshawardhan Kolhe C V Patil Associates 1.8 Civil
Swapnil Jadhav C V Patil Associates 1.8 Civil
Akash Jadhav AVL 3.5 Electrical
Vishal Khandagale AVL 3.5 Electrical
Vishal Shinde JB. Everest 2.6 Mechanical
Sagar Gavali JB. Everest 2.6 Mechanical
Poonam Jadhav JB. Everest 2.6 Electrical
Rushikesh Lagad JB. Everest 2.6 Electrical
Gaurav Ghadge JB. Everest 2.6 Electrical
Sakshi Kadam JB. Everest 2.6 Electrical
Amruta Gole Capgemini 4 Electrical
Sadanand Shinde Mobinext Technology 3.6 E&TC
Prathviraj Palnate Saligao (Panji) 1.2 Mechanical
Krishnat Kshirsagar TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Bhushan Mane TMEIC 4.5 Electrical
Ajay Narale TMEIC 4.5 E&TC
Shreya Jagtap TMEIC 4.5 E&TC
Rudrakshi Pol TMEIC 4.5 E&TC
Anuja Gaikwad I brain Decision Software 2.40 IT
Asha Ankamwar I brain Decision Software 2.40 IT
Shreya Pawar I brain Decision Software 2.40 IT
Omkar Bawalekar TE Connectivity 2.4 Mechanical
Rutuja Shinde TE Connectivity 2.4 Electrical
Ranjit Lagad Finlogic Technologies 4.16 Electrical
Govind Tapse Rane 2.70 Electrical
Tushar Borawake Reliance Jio 5 IT
Aavesh Bagwan Reliance Jio 6 E&TC
Omkar Lokhande Reliance Jio/ Sankey Solutions 7/4 Computer
Mridul Upadhya Reliance Jio 5 Computer
Aditya Maskar Reliance Jio 6 Computer
Vaishnavi Devkate Reliance Jio 6 Computer
Kunika Shah Reliance Jio 5 Computer
Akanksha More Reliance Jio 5 Computer
Rahul Talekar Polycab 3 E&TC
Mahesh Pandhare Polycab 3 Electrical
Harshad Kokare Polycab 3 E&TC
Pranav Rakhunde TCS 3.36 IT
Suraj Gharmalkar TCS 7 E&TC
Shoaib Sayyad TCS 3.36 E&TC
Mansur Maner TCS 3.36 E&TC
Shraddha Khandomalke TCS 3.36 Computer
Vaishnavi Ranaware Polycab 3 Electrical
Priyanka Salunkhe Polycab 3 Electrical
Gauri Wable Polycab 3 E&TC
Sampada Gaikwad Polycab 3 E&TC
kimaya Kate TCS/Capgemini/Hexaware 7/4.25/4 Computer
Rutuja Khalate TCS/Cognizant 7/4 Computer
Prathamesh More TCS/Hexaware/Tech Mahindra 7/4/3.25 Computer
Shubham Kumbhar Genpact/Wipro Pari 3.6/3.58 Electrical
Sagar Talke Wipro Pari 3.58 Electrical
Vaibhav Kumbhar Brightleaf Solutions 4 Computer
Abhishek Khamkar Capgemini/Genpact 5.75/3.6 Computer
Bhagyashri Dhage Capgemini/Genpact 4.25/3.6 Computer
Rohan Chavan Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Rucha Khalate Capgemini 5.75 Computer
Sejal Kharat Genpact 3.6 Computer
Sejal Shinde Capgemini/Genpact 4.25 Computer
Shruti Jare Capgemini 4.25 Computer
Chaitrali Bhise Capgemini/Cognizant 4.25/4 E&TC
Manasi Chavan Cognizant 4 E&TC
Shraddha Bansude Capgemini 4.25 Electrical
Yogesh Suwarnkar Capgemini 5.75 Electrical
Pooja Chavan Capgemini 4.25 IT
Sagar Udgiri Capgemini/Genpact 4.25 IT
Snehal Lokhande Capgemini 4.25 IT
Akanksha More Genpact 3.6 Computer
Mansi Todmal Genpact 3.6 Computer
Sakshi Taur Genpact 3.6 Computer
Shubhangi Goykar Genpact 3.6 Computer
Siddhesh Swami Genpact 3.6 Computer
Aditya Jagtap Genpact 3.6 Electrical
Akshata Gawali Genpact 3.6 IT
Netrali Badve Genpact 3.6 IT
Shivam Patange Genpact 3.6 E&TC
Vinay Divekar Genpact 3.6 IT
Mayur Madane Thermax Package 1.8 Mechanical
Sachin Awatade Cognizant 4 Electrical
Puja Shende Cognizant 4 Electrical
Arvind Kale Cognizant 4 Electrical
Sourabh Sawant Cognizant 4 IT
Rutik Narute Cognizant 4 IT
Prachi Joshi Cognizant 4 Computer
Kartiki Hinge Cognizant 4 Computer
Ankita Shelke Cognizant 4 Computer
Pruthvi Jadhav Cognizant 4 Civil
Harshvardhan Bhise LogiSprint Solutions Private Limited 7.5 Computer
Rushikesh Sagare Tech Mahindra 3.25 E&TC
Viraj Raut Tech Mahindra/Sankey Solutions 3.25 Computer
Shruti Jare Capgemini/Tech Mahindra 4.25/3.25 Computer
Ajay Nikam Cognizant 4 Civil
Sanika Tarte Cognizant 4 Civil
Yashodhan Shinde Cognizant 4 Civil
Ritesh Birajdar Cognizant 4 Civil
Neha Kshirsagar Cognizant 4 Civil
Neha Jaunjal Cognizant 4 Computer
Divya Parvekar Cognizant 4 E&TC
Karan Yedale Cognizant 4 E&TC
Misba Attar Cognizant 4 E&TC
Shweta Suryavanshi Cognizant 4 E&TC
Snehal Bairagi Cognizant 4 E&TC
Vidya Ghogare Cognizant 4 E&TC
Aditya Gaikwad Cognizant 4 Electrical
Poonam Jadhav Cognizant 4 Electrical
Sachin Rathod Cognizant 4 Electrical
Shubham Pawar Cognizant 4 Electrical
Dhanashri Palaskar Cognizant 4 IT
Divya Bhandalkar Cognizant 4 IT
Prajakta Harihar Cognizant 4 IT
Punam Deshmukh Cognizant 4 IT
Rohit Telkar Cognizant 4 IT
Samiksha Sundechamutha Cognizant 4 IT
Aryan Jadhav Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Ashish Jadhav Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Atik Shaikh Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Avadhut Jagtap Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Navnath Pawar Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Shreya Ingale Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Shripad Kulkarni Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Suyash Jagtap Cognizant 4 Mechanical
Shubham Godse Schaffler 6 E&TC
Priyanka Arade Schaffler 6 E&TC
Komal More Schaffler 6 E&TC
Aparna Nanaware Schaffler/Cognizant 6 E&TC
Pratik Murte Hexaware 4 Electrical
Yuvraj More Hexaware 4 E&TC
Jakiya Pathan Capgemini/Hexaware 4.25/4 Computer
Shantanu Payal Hexaware 4 IT
Kunika Shah Hexaware 6 Computer
Pratiksha Katap Hexaware 4 IT
Pranita Patil Hexaware 4 IT
Pranav Jagtap Hexaware 4 IT
Vaishnavi Devkate Hexaware 4 Computer
Omkar Walke Hexaware/Cognizant 4 Computer
Mansi Mane Hexaware/Genpact 4/3.6 Computer
Mahesh Kandgule Capgemini/Hexaware/Cognizant 5.75/4 Computer
Atharv Kakade Hexaware 4 Computer
Abhishek Bhor Hexaware 4 Computer
Abha Singh Hexaware/Cognizant 4 Computer
Shubham Shinde Cognizant - IT
Siddhi Shaha Cognizant - E&TC
Sameer Hake Cognizant - E&TC
Yash Parkale Cognizant - Computer
Omkar Shewale Cognizant - Computer
Omkar Mohite Cognizant - Computer
Rishi Prakash Odessa 6.5 E&TC
Snehal Devake Fleetgaurd 4.41 Electrical
Rohan Bhojane Suroj Buildcon 2.28 Civil
Anurag Ranaware Suroj Buildcon 2.28 Civil
Ketan Sonawane Suroj Buildcon 2.28 Civil
Suraj Jadhav Crsendo Worldwide 2.64 Mechanical
Amar Pawar AVL 4.5 Electrical
Total 175
Academic Year 2021-22
Name of Student Company Name Branch
Utkarsha Mahamuni Neeyamo E&TC
Vedant Solankar Walchand Industries Mechanical
Abhishek Soundale NTT Data Electrical
Swapnil Nimbhorkar GERP IT
Rutuja Dhole Infosys Mechanical
Rajnandini Bansode Infosys E&TC
Gayatri Chimne Altimetrik IT
Aishwarya Chavan Infosys E&TC
Pratiksha Bhosale WNS Global IT
Sayali Bhosale Wipro Civil
Snehal Jadhav Infosys E&TC
Rakesh Kumar Infosys E&TC
Dhanashri Suryavanshi Infosys Electrical
Ankita Pomane Infosys Electrical
Dnyaneshwar Tangade Infosys Electrical
Shradha Ghatage ICICI Bank Electrical
Puja Kamble Coupa Electrical
Namdeo Jagtap Infosys Electrical
Shweta Shete Capgemini E&TC
Tanuja Lawate Infosys Electrical
Anuja Malshikare LTI Electrical
Shruti Gargade Infosys E&TC
Shreya Daphal Amdocs E&TC
Sambhaji Wankhede CDAC E&TC
Sourabh Kumbhar GlobalLogic E&TC
Shweta Shendage Ivy Comptech. IT
Shivkanya Kadam Wipro IT
Talha Kazi Indovance Private Limited Civil
Deepak Pawar Indovance Private Limited Civil
Shashank Yarnal Indovance Private Limited Mechanical
Shubham Kandale Analyzer CAE Solutions Mechanical
Ulhas Surose AQM Technologies Pvt. Ltd . E&TC
Kangsha Mane TE Connectivity Mechanical
Aishwarya Bhosale Wipro E&TC
Komal Pokale Wipro Electrical
Sejal Khade Wipro E&TC
Gauri Kutwal Wipro E&TC
Kamlesh More Wipro E&TC
Pragati Kangude Wipro Computer
Shubham Pore Wipro Computer
Prachi Dugam Wipro Electrical
Akash Raut Wipro IT
Supriya Mane Wipro IT
Abhijit Ghogare Accenture E&TC
Chaitrali Jagtap Capgemini Computer
Yogita Karande Infosys/Wipro IT
Swapnil Tole Infosys E&TC
Sidhesh Patil Infosys IT
Pawan Wayal Infosys E&TC
Snehal Randive Infosys Civil
Tejshree Kamegaonkar Infosys E&TC
Hrushikesh Pansare Infosys Mechanical
Dnyaneshwar Tapse Wipro Mechanical
Dipraj Deshmukh Wipro Civil
Shivani More Wipro/Infosys Civil
Swapnil Tole Wipro E&TC
Aniket Mind Atos Global E&TC
Aishwarya Deshmane Cognizant Computer
Amruta Jagdale Capgemini Computer
Shubhankar Shinde FIS Computer
Rohit Chipade TCS Computer
Pradnya Bhosale MoreYeans Computer
Ganesh Kharat Innoplexus Computer
Vishal Jare TCS Electrical
Onkar Lonkar TCS Mechanical
Mangesh Dhotre L & T/Infosys Computer
Ashwini Ingawale Tech. Mahindra IT
Tejashri Nage Tech. Mahindra Computer
Sumit Bhosale Tech. Mahindra Computer
Shruti Gavasane Infosys Electrical
Diksha Jadhav Infosys Computer
Shruti Khose Emids Computer
Ramya Potekar Capgemini Computer
Kajal Raut Mindgates Computer
Pooja Katkade Fulcrum Digital Computer
Sagar Sonar Merkle Sokrati Electrical
Swapnali Kore TCS Computer
Pravin Thakur TCS Electrical
Abhishek Ghodake Yash Technologies Mechanical
Shubham Darekar Atos Syntel Electrical
Soham Nimbalkar Capgemini Mechanical
Shoeb Mulani Infosys Mechanical
Alfiya Mulani Infosys Mechanical
Abhishek Kumbhar Infosys Mechanical
Vijay Chavan Infosys Mechanical
Radhika Thombare Infosys Mechanical
Gaurav Raut Infosys Mechanical
Rutvik Jagtap Infosys Mechanical
Rupali Dhatrak Infosys Electrical
Vivek Katore Infosys Electrical
Siddhivunayak Potadar Infosys IT
Vivek Shedage Infosys IT
Prachi Landage Infosys IT
Pavan Kshirsagar Infosys IT
Anisha Bobade Infosys IT
Shreyash Jadhav Infosys IT
Pranali Pachpute Infosys IT
Pranav Khandelwal Infosys Computer
Chaitanya Kate Infosys Computer
Prathamesh Pawar Infosys Computer
Vishvajeet Swami Infosys E&TC
Amruta Korde Infosys E&TC
Aniket Thorat Infosys E&TC
Shubham Jagdale Infosys E&TC
Arpita Jagadale Mindtree IT
Shubham Darekar Atos Syntel Electrical
Samrudhi Baldota Deloitte Computer
Kunal Khandare Deloitte IT
Baliram Waghmare Stacknexsus Computer
Prathmesh Pawar Stacknexsus Computer
Manoj Kadam Aloha Technology E&TC
Dipak Solanke AVL Electrical
Shubham Sonawane AVL Electrical
Aishwarya Mangalgire Cognizant Civil
Tejashree Kulkarni Capgemini E&TC
Malhar Patil Capgemini Mechanical
Saqlainmushtaq Tamboli Capgemini Mechanical
Kalpesh Sonavane Capgemini Mechanical
Ankush Khot Capgemini Mechanical
Yogesh Choudhar Infosys Civil
Bapusaheb Patil Wipro Mechanical
Akash Patait Wipro Mechanical
Chaitanya Jadhav Wipro Mechanical
Vaibhav Tawade Mphasis Electrical
Shubham Patil Questglobal Mechancal
Prashant Gadhe Mphasis Electrical
Vaijanath Khomane TCS E&TC
Sushil Kawale Mphasis Electrical
Rutik Kharat Capgemini Electrical
Pranjali Shinde Triplan India pvt. Ltd. Electrical
Tushar Hajare Collabera Tech Pvt Ltd. E&TC
Vijayalaxmi Harkud Atos Syntel Electrical
Santosh Shendage Capgemini Civil
Adinath Shinde Capgemini Civil
Krishna Gangarde Capgemini Civil
Shubham Pore Quest Global/Infosys Computer
Vivek Shedage StackNexus/Quest Global IT
Nikhil Kamble Quest Global IT
Aniket Joshi Quest Global IT
Tejashree Kulkarni Quest Global E&TC
Sakshi Kulkarni Jio Platforms Electrical
Vaibhav Honwar TCS Electrical
Swapnil Waghmare Jio Platforms Limited IT
Shashank Yarnal Jio Platforms Limited Mechanical
Rupali Sul TCS/Cognizant IT
Pratiksha Bhosale Hexaware/Cognizant IT
Bharti Godse Hexaware/Cognizant Computer
Pallavi Gadekar Infosys E&TC
Aniket Shende Cognizant Civil
Atharv Bhore Cognizant Civil
Shreyash Kadam Cognizant Civil
Sanket Sonawane Cognizant Civil
Divya Shinde Cognizant Computer
Palash Suryawanshi Cognizant Computer
Shraddha Jagdale Cognizant Computer
Siddhant Chindhe Cognizant Computer
Aniruddha Kajale Cognizant/NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) E&TC
Alisha Attar Cognizant E&TC
Anjali Polawar Cognizant E&TC
Arti Nimbalkar Cognizant E&TC
Janhavi Khule Cognizant E&TC
Kajal Wanave Cognizant E&TC
Maheshwari Shete Cognizant E&TC
Prajakta Lokhande Cognizant E&TC
Pratiksha Nitalikar Cognizant E&TC
Rohit Jaykar Cognizant E&TC
Sayali Jadhav Cognizant E&TC
Shraddha Kakade Cognizant E&TC
Snehal Patil Cognizant E&TC
Akash Jadhav Cognizant Electrical
Gauri Sonawane Cognizant Electrical
Prathamesh Yadav Cognizant Electrical
Ramdas Rathod Cognizant Electrical
Rushikesh Divase Cognizant Electrical
Divya Nimbalkar Cognizant IT
Gokul Dhele Cognizant IT
Prathamesh Mane Hexaware/Cognizant IT
Shreyash Jadhav Cognizant IT
Shubhangi Bhosale Cognizant IT
Shubham Mane Cognizant IT
Siddhi Pansare Cognizant IT
Chetan Deokar Cognizant Mechanical
Kunal Bhagwat Cognizant/Capgemini Mechanical
Namrata Nikam Cognizant Mechanical
Pramod Takale Cognizant Mechanical
Rohit Gandhi Cognizant Mechanical
Rushikesh Pukale Cognizant Mechanical
Sachin Phanse Cognizant Mechanical
Sahil Waghmare Cognizant Mechanical
Sharayu Jadhav Cognizant Mechanical
Shoeb Mulani Cognizant Mechanical
Poonam Kolaskar Infosys Electrical
Shubham Jagdale Zensar E&TC
Paigambar Shaikh L & T E&TC
Akshada Patil TCS /Cognizant Computer
Aparna Dhumal TCS Computer
Anil Kalaskar TCS Mechanical
Rohit Tikate Globant India Private E&TC
Ananta Shingade Byjus Civil
Hrutik Wadia Byjus Civil
Amit Jarande Byjus Civil
Shadab Khan Byjus Civil
Snehal Godase Tieto IT
Rupesh Bargal Mindtree Electrical
Mansoor Saudagar Capgemini Mechanical
Sonali Kolape TCS IT
Shashank Yarnal Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Mechanical
Shubhankar Tikole TCS Mechanical
Prajakta Rankhambe Zensar/Cognizant Computer
Vaishnavi Patharkar Zensar/Cognizant Computer
Neha Khaladkar TCS Mechanical
Aaba Kolte TCS Mechanical
Soham Deokar Persistent/Cognizant Computer
Prerna Karbhari Persistent Computer
Abhishek Bihani Persistent IT
Vishwajit Girme Persistent/Cognizant IT
Tushar Patil Persistent E&TC
Renuka Ramdasi Persistent/Cognizant E&TC
Drushtant Doshi Persistent /Cognizant E&TC
Gajendra Sabane TCS Mechanical
Shrikant Mamale Cognizant E&TC
Aniket Jadhav Mphasis E&TC
Rasika Zagade Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Electrical
Chinmay Taware Hexaware Computer
Niraj Fegade Hexaware IT
Pratiksha Bhosale Hexaware IT
Vaishali Gorde Tech. Mahindra/Cognizant IT
Arpita Jagadale Tech. Mahindra IT
Gayatri Chimne Tech.Mahindra /Cognizant IT
Shivanjali Jagtap Wipro Civil
Shivanjali More Wipro/Cognizant Civil
Pooja Nandkhile Wipro/Cognizant Computer
Pallavi Pawar Wipro/Cognizant Computer
Dhanshri Punde Wipro Computer
Reshma Biramane Wipro Computer
Nikita Gaikwad Wipro Computer
Amol Madnurkar Wipro/Capgemini/Zensar Computer
Pratiksha Pisal Wipro/Cognizant Computer
Drushtant Doshi Wipro E&TC
Shivam Sutar Wipro/Cognizant E&TC
Pranali Nalawade Wipro E&TC
Dhirajsing Rajput Wipro/Cognizant E&TC
Snehal Patil Wipro E&TC
Devashish Ubarhande Wipro/Cognizant E&TC
Ramdas Khadke Wipro Electrical
Pratiksha Chaudhari Wipro Electrical
Pushkar Zende Wipro Electrical
Pranjali Pawar Wipro/Cognizant Electrical
Swapnali Patil Wipro/Cognizant IT
Pranali Pachpute Wipro IT
Isha Thakare Wipro/Mindtree IT
Ashish Marathe Wipro/Cognizant IT
Vaishnavi Rajebhosale Wipro/Cognizant IT
Pankaja Kawathekar Wipro IT
Akash Dhumal Wipro IT
Kalpesh Sonavane Wipro Mechanical
Tushar Thombare Wipro/Cognizant/Capgemini Mechanical
Suyog Shingade Wipro/Cognizant Mechanical
Vaibhav Kolekar Wipro/Cognizant Mechanical
Rushikesh Gophane Cognizant Electrical
Kiran Shinde Cognizant Mechanical
Abhijeet Garad Cognizant Mechanical
Avadhoot Bhosale Cognizant Mechanical
Komal Lawand TCS/Capgemini Computer
Nikita Khapale Cognizant E&TC
Minakshi Gastgar Accenture E&TC
Shivanjali Bhosale Cognizant E&TC
Shraddha Dixit Atos Syntel E&TC
Omkar Jadhav Accenture Mechanical
Vishnu Mali Capgemini Electrical
Kunal Mane TCS Mechanical
Abhishek Gavali TCS Civil
Saurabh Mergal TCS Civil
Abhinav More TCS Mechanical
Akshay Kamble TCS Mechanical
Alfiya Mulani TCS Mechanical
Amit Raut TCS/Cognizant Mechanical
Payal Pawar TCS/Cognizant Mechanical
Pranav Dombale TCS /Cognizant Mechanical
Rushikesh Yalsangi TCS/Cognizant Mechanical
Sneha Jadhav TCS Mechanical
Aishwarya Desai TCS Electrical
Ankita Pomane TCS Electrical
Kalyani Sutar TCS Electrical
Nancy Jagale TCS Electrical
Rajeshwari Rajeshirke TCS Electrical
Saurav Salunke TCS Electrical
Amruta Keskar TCS E&TC
Gayatri Patil TCS E&TC
Saurabh Wagh TCS E&TC
Harshada Jagtap TCS E&TC
Sonali Waman TCS/Wipro/Cognizant E&TC
Swapnali Barkade TCS E&TC
Vaishnavi Patil TCS E&TC
Mayuri Gund TCS Computer
Abhishek Bihani TCS IT
Kundan Supekar TCS/Cognizant IT
Neha Londhe TCS /Cognizant IT
Prajwal Waghchoude TCS/Cognizant IT
Rupali Sul TCS IT
Sristi Prasad TCS IT
Udaypratapsingh Jare TCS IT
Om Kalantre TCS Computer
Pranav Kamble TCS Computer
Pratik Shetane TCS Computer
Prerana Raykar TCS/Cognizant Computer
Saima Shaikh TCS Computer
Shivani Shirkande TCS Computer
Amit Ghatage TCS Electrical
Anuradha Shelar KPIT IT
Sandhya Fugate Tech. Mahindra / Idoow, Zognu Technologies Private Limited Computer
Mrunmayi Chavan TCS Civil
Vaishnavi Gurav Persistent Computer
Priti Sarwade Persistent IT
Aniket Kalgaonkar Persistent IT
Trupti Mule TCS Electrical
Rajesh Paikrao TCS Electrical
Rajeshwari Atole Vodafone Computer
Suyog Gund TCS Mechanical
Sanjana Patil Vodafone E&TC
Priya Gandigude DXC Technology E&TC
Mayuri Gurav Vodafone E&TC
Vinay Bhosale Vodafone Electrical
Hina Mulani Vodafone E&TC
Pradnya Lokhande Vodafone E&TC
Akshada Bhoite Vodafone E&TC
Rahul Doke Lasys Technology E&TC
Rahul Khartude AngularMinds E&TC
Sourabh Kalebere Harman International E&TC
Shreyas Kulkarni Vodafone Intelligent Solutions E&TC
Shivaji Kadam KPIT E&TC
Nikhil Lonkar KPIT E&TC
Ankita Hendre FIS E&TC
Vaishnavi Kanade IBM E&TC
Amol Ghodake KPIT Electrical
Harshvardhan Kadam KPIT IT
Sagar Gaikwad Capgemini/Cognizant E&TC
Meghana Sarje Cognizant IT
Kedar Waikar Infosys Mechanical
Sanket Jarad Infosys Mechanical
Kiran Suryawanshi Infosys Mechanical
Piyush Abdagire Vodafone Electrical
Apurva Dhumal TCS Electrical
Asmita Musande Vodafone E&TC
Suhag Mane Canon Electrical
Aditi Ingale Capgemini Computer
Sammed Doshi Capgemini Computer
Vaishnavi Gurav Persistent Computer
Aniket Kalgaonkar Persistent IT
Vishal Chavan Capgemini IT
Shraddha Sudrik Capgemini IT
Rohit Panhale Capgemini/Cognizant IT
Priti Sarwade Capgemini/Persistent IT
Pranita Jagdale Capgemini/TCS IT
Kalyani Shingavi Capgemini IT
Apeksha Pachundkar Capgemini IT
Ankush Marathe Capgemini/TCS IT
Akash Chewale Capgemini IT
Anushka Gawade Capgemini IT
Vinaya Dhane Zensar Electrical
Vaishnavi Dhumal Capgemini Electrical
Siddhi Popade Capgemini Electrical
Prasad Bhandirge Capgemini Electrical
Gaurav Lavand Capgemini Electrical
Ganesh Khawale Capgemini Electrical
Suyash Metha Capgemini E&TC
Snehal Jadhav Capgemini/TCS E&TC
Nihalahmad Mirza Capgemini E&TC
Sakshi Mote Capgemini E&TC
Siddhant Chindhe Capgemini/Cognizant Computer
Siddanth Naidu Capgemini Computer
Sharwari Nimbalkar Capgemini Computer
Rutuja Bhoite Capgemini Computer
Rutuja Tawase Capgemini/TCS Computer
Pranali Vedpathak Capgemini/TCS Computer
Prajakta Jarad Capgemini Computer
Neha Garud Capgemini/TCS/Cognizant Computer
Mansi Pardeshi Capgemini Computer
Manthan Wattamwar Capgemini/TCS Computer
Komal Kale Capgemini Computer
Dipak Chaudhary Capgemini Computer
Atharv Pawar Capgemini Computer
Abhijeet Bendarge Capgemini Computer
Atharva Mehendre Capgemini Computer
Ashwini Babar Capgemini/TCS Computer
Mahesh Landge Infosys E&TC
Sumit Annapurne Infosys E&TC
Akshay Shinde Infosys Mechanical
Sharyu Parade Vodafone Electrical
Anuradha Kate Sapours Technologies Private Limited IT
Utkarsh Galande Sapours Technologies Private Limited IT
Sonali Shejal Sapours Technologies Private Limited IT
Kiran Patil Infosys Civil
Yogiraj Kurund Infosys Mechanical
Vaishnavi Gaikwad Infosys Computer
Shreya Kadam Persistent E&TC
Pratiksha Bulbule Persistent Computer
Mrunal Mahesh Dhadge Persistent Computer
Aditya Velhal Accenture Electrical
Pratiik Tawale Amdocs E&TC
Hruturaj Kedar Amdocs Computer
Nikhil Dhumal Persistent E&TC
Muktangan Gaikwad Persistent E&TC
Rucha Biradar Persistent Computer
Akshata Jagtap Persistent Computer
Shreyas Patil Persistent Computer
Pandurang Biradar Persistent Computer
Tejal Netake Infosys E&TC
Shivani Tamkute Capgemini E&TC
Rohit Gore Capgemini E&TC
Umar Nazir Mir Collabera Services Pvt Ltd. Electrical
Rohan Bhagat AVL India Pvt. Ltd. Electrical
Rushikesh Salave Infosys Mechanical
Usha Jayabhaye Infosys IT
Amit More Accenture E&TC
Rohit Jadhav Amdocs IT
Sweeti Surve Cognizant Technology IT
Kajal Lambhate Cognizant Technology IT
Shamal Babar Atos Syntel E&TC
Akshay Waghale Infosys IT
Aniket Ingale Atos Syntel E&TC
Sai Sawant Atos Syntel E&TC
Aniruddha Muley Atos Syntel E&TC
Priti Sonawane Amdocs Computer
Ishwari Vaidya Atos Syntel Computer
Sagar Raut Infosys IT
Shivani Sul Infosys IT
Sourabh Mallav Infosys Computer
Ashlesha Mahamuni Wipro Computer
Shweta Ganjure Fujitsu Computer
Narayan Bhosale TCS Civil
Prakash Hadule TCS Mechanical
Amol Bharat TCS Mechanical
Rohit Bagal Cognizant Civil
Mayuri Miskin Cognizant Electrical
Shubham Landge Cognizant Electrical
Niteen Gudle Cognizant E&TC
Akshata Reddy Cognizant E&TC
Nikita Gudle Cognizant E&TC
Swapnil Jadhav Cognizant E&TC
Neha Reddy Cognizant IT
Ashish Zagade Cognizant IT
Siddhi Suryavanshi Cognizant IT
Omkar Lalge Atos Syntel IT
Shubhankar Shinde FIS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Rutuja Dhumal Tech Mahindra Ltd. E&TC
Rutuja Nimbalkar Tech Mahindra Ltd Computer
Bhupali Nagane Capgemini E&TC
Onkar Nargide Amdocs IT
Pratiksha Borawake TCS Mechanical
Akash Devkule Amdocs Computer
Mohini Wanave Amdocs Computer
Mahesh Surangalikar Amdocs E&TC
Punam Jadhav Amdocs E&TC
Akshay Tanpure Searce Electrical
Mahesh Patil NTT DATA Global Delivery Services Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Swaranjali Adsul Intellect Design Arena Limited . Computer
Total 456
Academic Year 2020-21
Name of Student Company Name Branch
Suraj Badekar TE Connectivity Mechanical
Nikhil Mule TE Connectivity Mechanical
Maheshwari Gaikwad TE Connectivity Mechanical
Punam Panchal Bynry Computer
Omkar Lalge Atos IT
Saniya Hendre Mphasis E&TC
Prasad Nimbalkar BA Continuum India Pvt. Ltd. IT
Vaishnavi Palve Sapours Technology Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Shubham Palve Accenture Mechanical
Aditya Mate Accenture Mechanical
Nikhil Swami Accenture IT
Prachi Kulkarni Accenture E&TC
Mukesh Reddy Accenture Computer
Harshad Pise Accenture IT
Nikita Navale Accenture E&TC
Aishwarya Hingane Accenture Computer
Suyash Powar Accenture Computer
Shivani Divekar Accenture Computer
Supriya Kirdak Accenture E&TC
Bhagyashri Kale Sapours Technology Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Mansi Bachal Sapours Technology Pvt. Ltd. IT
Kedar Jadhav Infostretch, Pune Computer
Sourabh Vadje FIS Global IT
Amruta Masal Sapours Technology Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Trupti Jadhav Synerzip IT
Ankita Suryawanshi Infosys E & TC
Shraddha Dixit FIGmd IT
Sushma Potdar mPHATEK Systems Pvt. Ltd. IT
Bhavesh Shelke Humanbot IT
Pallavi Shinde Infosys E&TC
Tanmay Mane Amdocs Computer
Sanket Morgaonkar Mindtree IT
Shubham Kumbhar Infosys E&TC
Prerana Kumbhar Infosys E&TC
Sudnesh Khodave Capgemini E&TC
Shivpriya Yadav Capgemini E&TC
Anjali Shingavi Capgemini/TCS Computer
Prachi Kulkarni Infosys Mechanical
Virendra Ranaware Infosys Mechanical
Harshada Devadhe Infosys IT
Shubhangi Shinde Infosys IT
Vishwa Akolkar Infosys IT
Snehal Raut Infosys IT
Tejas Shingade Infosys Electrical
Sanchita Shewale Infosys E&TC
Omkar Phalke Infosys E&TC
Vishal Jadhav Infosys Computer
Shubham Bhosale Infosys Computer
Hrushikesh Solaskar Infosys Civil
Sarang Kulkarni FIS Global Computer
Anita Pawar FIS Global Computer
Pallavi Deshpande Hexaware IT
Swapnil Nalage Infosys IT
Swapnil Mane IBM Electrical
Swati Chavan Infosys Electrical
Akshata Chaudhari Persistent Systems Computer
Krutika Bhaise Saama Technologies IT
Tejaswinee Vetal Persistent Systems IT
Bhakti Khaire Accenture Computer
Prachi Devade Accenture Electrical
Renuka Nevase Accenture Electrical
Shubham Nandkhile Accenture E&TC
Ankita Modi Accenture IT
Yashashree Gadekar Accenture IT
Harshada Devadhe Accenture IT
Mohini Deokate Accenture IT
Ankita Jagtap Accenture Computer
Namrata Gapat Accenture Computer
Shruti Dagade Accenture Computer
Harshada Ambale Accenture Computer
Pratidya Harke Accenture Computer
Sanika Patale Accenture Computer
Shivani Khilari Accenture E&TC
Sakshi Shah Accenture E&TC
Prashant Malusare Persistent Systems Computer
Simran Sarkale Persistent Systems IT
Pratiksha Gawali Atos Global E&TC
Priyanshu Tiwari Application Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Roshani Jadhav Capgemini E&TC
Dhanashri Bhoj Accenture E&TC
Shivani Daphal Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Limited E&TC
Samuel Salvi Raja Software Labs Computer
Bhakti Dunakhe FIS Global IT
Omkar Kshirsagar Accenture IT
Premraj Tripute Mindtree IT
Mayur Borhade Rathi Transformer Mechanical
Rushikesh Sutar BPCL Electrical
Shraddha Kalyankar KPIT E&TC
Vaishnavi Pisal KPIT E&TC
Ashwini Patil KPIT E&TC
Sohail Bagwan KPIT Electrical
Jyoti Tekale KPIT Mechanical
Swanand Khaladkar Persistent Systems E&TC
Muktesh Bobade Accenture IT
Ankita Gadekar Saama Technologies IT
Mauli Shinde Persistent Systems E&TC
Neha Mohite Persistent Systems E&TC
Nirmal Kumbhar Persistent Systems E&TC
Shruti Dagade Emtec Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Swati Waghmode Accenture Computer
Suraj Jadhav Renovision Automation Services Pvt. Ltd., Pune E&TC
Akshay Raskar Accenture IT
Rucha Mahamuni Persistent Software Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Sonali Ghule Persistent Software Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Neha Jagdale Tech. Mahindra E&TC
Tejas Raut Accenture IT
Onkar Shelke Capgemini IT
Manasi Bhunje Capgemini E&TC
Sonali Kulkarni Capgemini E&TC
Aniket Yadav Capgemini E&TC
Rutuja Jagdale Capgemini E&TC
Amruta Waghmare Tech. Mahindra Computer
Kanchan Rajguru TCS E&TC
Arati Bachal Sagitec Solutions Pvt. Ltd IT
Vrushali Mohite Capgemini Computer
Snehal Nargide Cybage Computer
Shruti Patil KSB Pumps Mechanical
Akshay Gulave Suntec Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. E&TC
Saurabh Magar Walchand Industries Limited Electrical
Pooja Kadam Lear Automotive India Private Limited. E&TC
Rameshwar Gavhane BPCL Mechanical
Rohan Kumbhar HCL Technologies E&TC
Shilpa Gaikwad Twopir Consulting Pvt. Ltd. IT
Namrata Nalawade Bank of America E&TC
Vivek Kumbhar TCS Electrical
Nishant Deshmukh TCS Electrical
Gauri Deshmukh TCS Electrical
Komal Nagawade TCS E&TC
Rushikesh Kale TCS E&TC
Pratik Jadhav Fidel Softech E&TC
Yashwant Pansare Fidel Softech E&TC
Sankalp Disale Capgemini Computer
Dinesh Mote TCS Mechanical
Tejashri Thorat Accenture Computer
Vishakha Pawar TCS E & TC
Ashlesha Jagtap TCS Electrical
Shrushti Bhagwat TCS IT
Pratik Jagdale TCS Mechanical
Reshma Thorat TCS E&TC
Nivruti Kadam TCS E&TC
Yugandhar Shivgunde TCS Computer
Kalyani Waske TCS Electrical
Ankita Bhise TCS Electrical
Omkar Khot Persistent Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune Computer
Nikita Ghodke Capgemini E&TC
Amarja Karanjkar TCS E&TC
Vaishnavi Bhosale TCS E&TC
Shanno Sayyad TCS E&TC
Kajal Khatake TCS E&TC
Bharati Jadhav Bitwise Computer
Shruti Dongre TCS E&TC
Sonali Bhise Saama Technologies, Pune Computer
Sonali Nalawade Fujitsu E&TC
Someshwar Terkar Sapours Technology Pvt. Ltd. IT
Vaibhav Yadav Amdocs E&TC
Vijay Bhingole Amdocs E&TC
Sanatkumar Wagh eQ Technologic (India) Private Limited IT
Harshada Godse Bitwise Solutions Private Limited Pune Computer
Shreya Taware Yardi Software Private Limited Computer
Shubham Giram Qspider Electrical
Sarang Raut Qspider Computer
Priyanka Vikas Dawkhare Qspider E&TC
Omkar Bankar TCS Mechanical
Prathamesh Patil TCS Mechanical
Suhas Kure TCS Mechanical
Vaibhav Ithape TCS Electrical
Mayur Shinde TCS E&TC
Payal Yadav TCS E&TC
Sanket Arde TCS E&TC
Ankita Patil TCS E&TC
Nikhil Mule Byjus Mechanical
Pratiksha Pawar Byjus E&TC
Susmita Kharat Mindtree Computer
Sagar Sonne Mindtree IT
Devyani Pandhare Accenture IT
Tushar Pate CPC Preciparts. Mechanical
Ankita Aglave Aurus Tech. Pvt. Ltd. IT
Ashwini Kashid Mindtree Computer
Amarja Lomte Mindtree IT
Shubham Bhongale S.S.Construction Civil
Pratap Rajale Citius Tech. Computer
Umashankar Pal Minilec E & TC
Shrihari Awate Walchandnagar Industries Mechanical
Rupali Bhagwat Verificiant Solutions Private Limited IT
Somnath Deychowdhury Allscripts Computer
Nitin Marale Vrhythems Software Private Limited E & TC
Ashish Kulkarni TCS E & TC
Vishal Govekar Collabera Services Private Limited, Baroda Electrical
Prashant Kadam Collabera Services Private Limited, Baroda E & TC
Priyanka Maniyar Collabera Services Private Limited, Baroda Computer
Mittal Oswal Collabera Services Private Limited, Baroda Computer
Akshay Pote Collabera Services Private Limited, Baroda IT
Hrishikesh Dixit Collabera Services Private Limited, Baroda Mechanical
Komal Kamble Byjus Civil
Onkar Rajmane Byjus E&TC
Sayalee Chavan Square Yards Consulting Private Limited, Pune Civil
Ashwini Jagtap Square Yards Consulting Private Limited, Pune Civil
Harshada Godse Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Mansoor Saudagar Byjus Mechanical
Shubham Hanamante Selfmade E&TC
Janhavi Jadhav Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Akshay Dudhe Raykor Technologies Pune Computer
Priyanka Kulkarni Piaggio Vehicle Private Limited Baramati Mechanical
Amol Salunke Canon E&TC
Akash Sarode Canon E&TC
Swapnil Rajewar TCS Electrical
Pranoti Govekar TCS Electrical
Akshata Gawali TCS IT
Yash Kadam TCS IT
Sahil Borate TCS IT
Monika Kalaskar TCS IT
Chaitanya Shinde TCS IT
Shyam Dange TCS Electrical
Chaitanya Sable TCS E&TC
Shivani Gholap TCS Computer
Aniket Goture TCS Computer
Vishal Bankar TCS Computer
Swapnil Jagdale TCS Computer
Komal Jadhav TCS Computer
Kiran Birajdar TCS Computer
Dipti Gandhi TCS Computer
Sagar Pawar Ampower Electricals and Engineers Baramati Electrical
Tejas More Alimignity Auto AncIllary Private Limited, Thane Mechanical
Umesh Tayare Alimignity Auto AncIllary Private Limited, Thane Mechanical
Chaitanya Bhor Alimignity Auto AncIllary Private Limited, Thane Mechanical
Anuj Fulari Infosys Computer
Alisha Sonawane Kalyani Techno Forge Jejuri Mechanical
Abhishek Deokate Reliance Jio IT
Siddhesh Zhope Persistent Systems Computer
Aishwarya Kate Deshmukh JAWK Softwares Computer
Total 233
Academic Year 2019-20
Name of Student Company Name Branch
Rushikesh Puri Tieto IT
Sampada Sonawane Amdocs Computer
Ankita Yadav Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Shraddha Bhalerao Birla Soft IT
Sayali Hipparkar Zensar Technology Electrical
Rutuja Jambhale Expleo E&TC
Laxmi Alat Amdocs Pune E&TC
Pankaj Jagdale GTL Software E&TC
Harshada Mane Amdocs Computer
Arun Bhat Sagitec Solutions IT
Omkar Sadilge Birlasoft E & TC
Vishnu Gore Amdocs IT
Pooja Jagdale Accenture IT
Shubhangi Khusape Fujistu E & TC
Pramod Kashid Stacknexus IT
Harshada Jadhav CDAC R & D E & TC
Sujit Moholkar Bharat Forge Baramati Mechanical
Pooja Shevale Atos Syntel E & TC
Tejashree Waghmare Reliance Digital Civil
Onkar Kadam IP Access India Pvt. Ltd. Computer
Kajal Dhane Emerson Climate Condition Technology Electrical
Devashri Kulkarni Atos Syntel IT
Chetana Balip Byjus IT
Umesh Tayare Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Rushikesh Satish Shirke Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Shekhar Shinde Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Sagar Devkate Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Pratik Jagadale Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Mansoor Saudagar Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Anil Kalaskar Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Chaitanya Bhor Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Dnyanesh Honrao Jayshree Polymers Mechanical
Sumit Nanaware Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Vitthal Chavan Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Hemant Pawar Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Praphulla Devkar Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Avdhut Changune Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Aditya Pansare Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Harshal Lambture Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Sanket Mahajan Kalyani TechnoForge Mechanical
Sagar Badgujar Kalyani TechnoForge Electrical
Anuja Deokar Cognizant Pune IT
Shivraj Yadav TE Connectivity Mechanical
Sachin Vaidya One Network Enterprises IT
Viraj Shinde Bharat Forge Mechanical
Shreyas Kulkarni Bharat Forge E&TC
Prathamesh Utpat ACC Cement Mechanical
Onkar Ligade ACC Cement Civil
Hrushikesh Raut ACC Cement Civil
Sujit Deshpande ACC Cement Civil
Gayatri Shinde IBM IT
Amol Pawar Capgemini E&TC
Shivani Holkar Capgemini IT
Nutan Jagadale TCS Computer
Aditya Akkalkote TE Connectivity Mechanical
Yashashri Salunke TE Connectivity Mechanical
Shrawani Rajput Infosys Electrical
Pranali Jadhav Infosys E&TC
Apeksha Jadhav Accenture IT
Pooja Shevale Atos Syntel E&TC
Poonam Londhe Atos Syntel IT
Shubham Kadam Toppr Technologies Mech.
Suraj Phadtare KSB Pumps Mech.
Ketan Dethe KSB Pumps Mech.
Suraj More Cognizant E&TC
Tejaswini Bagal Cognizant E&TC
Shraddha Potdar Cognizant E&TC
Sohel Shaikh Cognizant E&TC
Suchita Sarode Cognizant Computer
Prasannakumar Padole Cognizant Computer
Prajakta Sonawane Cognizant Computer
Ashwini Khalangre Cognizant IT
Vishal Chavan Cognizant IT
Ujwal Pawar Cognizant Mechanical
Ketan Dethe Cognizant Mechanical
Mohit Pingale Cognizant Mechanical
Nilesh Jagtap TCS E&TC
Shivaji Suryavanshi TCS E&TC
Pradnya Kanherkar TCS E&TC
Vaibhav Pawar TCS E&TC
Rushikesh Lonkar Datamatica IT
Shivani Mule Infosys E&TC
Sonali Kulkarni Infosys E&TC
Sourabh Mahamuni Infosys Computer
Apeksha Jadhav Accenture IT
Rohit Chaudhari Infosys Mechanical
Mayur Barhate Infosys Mechanical
Rohan Taware Infosys Mechanical
Nilesh Yadav Infosys Mechanical
Apurva Jagtap Infosys E&TC
Aniket Hole Infosys E&TC
Asmita Kharat Infosys Computer
Vaibhavi Deshpande Infosys Computer
Suraj Kanse Infosys Computer
Nayan Bhapkar Infosys Computer
Madhura Mulay Infosys Computer
Sanchiti Phalle Infosys IT
Ashwini Patil Infosys IT
Neha Nimbalkar Infosys IT
Rutuja Gholap Infosys IT
Kajal Pisal Infosys IT
Abhishek Mankar Upgrad IT
Komal Deokar FIS Global E&TC
Gauri Phapale WNS Global Services E&TC
Shraddha Bhosale IBM Computer
Ankita Jalke WTE Infra Project PVT. LTD. Mechanical
Amol Pawar Hexaware Technologies E&TC
Rohan Nirwan Hexaware Technologies IT
Akshay Patil Hexaware Technologies Mechanical
Shruti Pawar IBM IT
Aditya Gawade IBM Computer
Shubham Temkar IBM E&TC
Pooja Kambale Searce IT
Sukanya Wadekar Searce IT
Gayatri Shahane FIS Global Computer
Sairaj Pawar Accenture Electrical
Amit Kanse Mindtree IT
Sandesh Khandekar L & T Infotech, Pune Computer
Swarali Kulkarni ATOS Syntel Computer
Neha Jagtap ATOS Syntel Computer
Dnyaneshwari Jadhav ATOS Syntel Computer
Sumayya Shaikh ATOS Syntel Computer
Harsh Doshi ATOS Syntel Computer
Prerana Maske ATOS Syntel IT
Mayuri Shitole ATOS Syntel IT
Vaibhav Biradar ATOS Syntel IT
Harshad Atole Sheetal Wireless Technologies Private Limited Pune E&TC
Dipali Walke Accenture E&TC
Kalyani Chavan Accenture E&TC
Prerana Maske NTT Data IT
Gauri Bhelonde Extentia Information Technology Pune Computer
Shubham Hadake Mindstix Software Pvt. Ltd IT
Vaibhav Mahajan Mindstix Software Pvt. Ltd Computer
Shrutika Shinde Kirloskar Brothers Limited Mechanical
Vaishnav Magar Accenture Computer
Apurva Lohkare Accenture E&TC
Saurabh Ghadge Accenture IT
Pratik Dixit TCS IT
Akshada Dhore TCS IT
Samreen Pathan TCS IT
Rani Shinde TCS E & TC
Shrutika Ghatge TCS E & TC
Rushikesh Barge TCS Mechanical
Pooja Kale TCS Computer
Akshay Agre TCS Mechanical
Sonali Jagtap Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Harshal Waghmode Accenture IT
Kaustubh Paliwal Bitwise Pune Computer
Rutuja Gandhi Fiserv E&TC
Priyanka Shinde Fiserv E&TC
Pranjal Shingavi Fiserv IT
Pooja Tavar Fiserv E&TC
Arti Jibalwad Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Vaibhavi Deshpande Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Samrudhi Mangalekar Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Shraddha Kadam Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Abhishek Satpute Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Rutuja Gholap Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune IT
Lakshit Aswal Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune IT
Ravi Kambale Raykor Technologies Pune Computer
Sanket Ughade Raykor Technologies Pune Computer
Shubham Hadake Raykor Technologies Pune IT
Somnath Deychowdhury TCS Computer
Vikrant Borawake TCS IT
Dhanashree Maskar TCS IT
Ajay Wagh TCS E&TC
Shruti Pawar TCS IT
Rutuja Shinde TCS IT
Pooja Patil TCS IT
Sohel Shaikh TCS E&TC
Sunil Chormale TCS Computer
Sayali Nipanikar TCS Computer
Anjali Barge TCS Computer
Yash Shaha TCS Computer
Snehal Pawar TCS Computer
Suraj Kanse TCS Computer
Anuja Shete TCS Computer
Sujit Misal TCS Computer
Chinmay Jogalekar TCS Computer
Vaishnavi Salunkhe TCS Electrical
Nayan Bhapkar Sankey Solutions, Thane Computer
Akhilesh Vidap Vedantu Mechanical
Abhishek Sangar Infosys Computer
Abhijit Raut Dhansmruti Buildcon Pvt.Ltd Pune . Civil
Pratiksha Modale Searce Pune Computer
Vishal Chavan Zensar IT
Kajal Pisal Zensar IT
Vaibhav Gaware TCS Computer
Apurva Bhoite Raja Software Labs. Computer
Somnath Mandhare Raja Software Labs. Computer
Ajay Wagh Raja Software Labs. E & TC
Vallabha Kothekar Kimaya Fintech Private Limited Pune. IT
Shubhangi Jadhav Amdocs IT
Shubhada Batgire Obnigene India Private Limited Pune. Mechanical
Priyanka Kamble Obnigene India Private Limited Pune. Mechanical
Pravin Thokal EPAM IT
Anuja Deokar Cresendo Worldwide Pune IT
Shilpa Gaikwad Cresendo Worldwide Pune IT
Pradnya Shelar Cresendo Worldwide Pune E&TC
Meera Mane TCS E&TC
Suvarna Galande TCS E&TC
Poonam Shete TCS E&TC
Priyanka Galande TCS E&TC
Sayali Gadgale TCS Computer
Akash Jadhav Tech. Mahindra IT
Shubham Khanapure Vyom Labs. Computer
Harshad Nangare Innovative Automation Products Satara . ME-Design
Shital Waghmare PWD Civil
Rutuja Salunke PWD Civil
Umesh Gund PWD Civil
Pratiksha Jagdhane Tech. Mahindra Computer
Pankaj Jagdale GTL Software Pune E&TC
Shailesh Galande TCS Electrical
Omkar Taware Sheetal Wireless Technologies Private Limited Pune E&TC
Sharad Shinde Sheetal Wireless Technologies Private Limited Pune E&TC



Academic Year 2018-19
Name of Student Company Name Branch
Harshada Jagtap KPIT, Pune Computer
Ranjeet Bhore Yash Constructions Kondhwa Pune Civil
Yogesh Londhe Devraj Construction Baramati Civil
Akash Ronge Tavare Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. Civil
Priyanka Bhosale J.K.R.Infra Structure Private Limited Civil
Shweta Bhosale Astute Valuer and Consultant Civil
Akshay Patil Archvision Consultant Private Limited Civil
Yuvraj Patil Sky Agro E&TC
Anabda Rakhunde Samsung Care Service Center E&TC
Aishwarya Nandgude Nayamo Solution Private Limited E&TC
Ganesh Kendre Vina Elecricals Electrical
Pandurang Parchande Amazon Electrical
Manoj Deshmukh C Edge Technology Private Limited IT
Abhijeet Yadav Keihin Fie Private Limited Mechanical
Adinath Salunkhe TCILIT Pune Mechanical
Shubham Shahane Technosys Automation Pimpri Pune Electrical
Balaji Sawant Profive Engineering Private Limited, Pune Mechanical
Shamali Kirve Tata Communications Limited E & TC
Anuradha Pawar Amdocs Pune Computer
Ankita Mokashi Amdocs Pune Computer
Vidya Jadhav Amdocs Pune Computer
Kiran Korekar Syntel India Private Limited IT
Suchita Jadhav Syntel India Private Limited Computer
Pratiksha Doke Syntel India Private Limited IT
Priyanka Bichitkar TCS E&TC
Aditi Chaudhri TCS Computer
Abhijeet Shaha TCS IT
Nisha Lagad Extentia Information Technology Pune Computer
Manali Patil L & T Infotech Computer
Harsh Swami L & T Infotech Computer
Najneen Sheikh L & T Infotech Computer
Sneha Deshmukh L & T Infotech Computer
Tejashree Shah L & T Infotech IT
Deokate Harshada Mahavitaran Internship, Baramati Electrical
Mane Neha Mahavitaran Internship, Baramati Electrical
Kokate Sonali Mahavitaran Internship, Baramati Electrical
Bhopale Snehal Mahavitaran Internship, Baramati Electrical
Mahesh Ghyar Raja Software Labs, Baner Pune Computer
Sonali Patole Raja Software Labs, Baner Pune Computer
Shraddha Pathak Raja Software Labs, Baner Pune Computer
Sarang Ashtaputre Raja Software Labs, Baner Pune E & TC
Pankaj Saboo Wipro Electrical
Shermohammad Shaikh Infosys E & TC
Shivani Joshi Infosys E & TC
Ashwathy Nair Infosys E & TC
Krishna Kekan Capgemini Computer
Neha Dhumal Capgemini IT
Akshata Gole TCS Computer
Rahul Hasule TCS Computer
Saurab Pawale TCS Computer
Suheb Shaikh TCS Computer
Vrushali Gorwade TCS E & TC
Dipeeka Ghatge TCS E & TC
Ankit Chatorikar TCS IT
Sikandar Nadaf TCS IT
Mayuri Shitole TCS IT
Akshata Gole Acty System Computer
Vishruti Pawar Xpetize Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Banglore Computer
Aditi Jagtap Amdocs Pune IT
Chaitanya Kulkarni Simplifai, Pune E & TC
Vishal Kapare QH Talbros Limited Mechanical
Suraj Karande QH Talbros Limited Mechanical
Sumit Bankar Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Rahul Kokate Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Gaurav Ingale Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Akshay Agre Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Saurav Nikam Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Tushar Kumbhar Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Mayuri Shinde Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Devidas Kuchekar Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Harshada Pawar Kalyani Techno Forge Mechanical
Dhananjay Shinde Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Onkar Bhise Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Navnath Ghule Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Nikhil Korade Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Megha Parkale Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Mayuri Khoje Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Sumit Dhekhane Kalyani Techno Forge Electrical
Prafull Pawar Extentia Information Technology Pune IT
Poonam Bhondve Extentia Information Technology Pune Computer
Seema Salunkhe Extentia Information Technology Pune IT
Manali Patil Zensar Technologies Computer
Suyash Jagdale Zensar Technologies Computer
Sankalp Patil L&L Private Limited Mechanical
Abhishek Joshi L&L Private Limited Mechanical
Atish Swami L&L Private Limited Mechanical
Onkar Jadhav L&L Private Limited Mechanical
Apurva Sahuji Saama Technologies E & TC
Abhijeet Mahashabde Qolsys Software India Private Limited E & TC
Gangabai Jangle Persistent Systems Private Limited IT
Pradnya Shinde Capgemini IT
Rohan Tanwar Mphasis Computer
Nikita Nale Mphasis Computer
Sonali Patole Mphasis Computer
Anjali Kale Saama Technologies Pune IT
Gauri Parmar Saama Technologies Pune Computer
Chandani Jha Saama Technologies Pune Computer
Shital Gaikwad Cognizant Computer
Geeta Gone Mahadiscom Electrical
Shital Havaldar Mahadiscom Electrical
Akash Sawant Infosys E & TC
Vaishnavi Shinde Infosys Computer
Amruta Pawar Infosys E&TC
Suyash Jagdale Infosys Computer
Najneen Sheikh Infosys Computer
Priya Bhandvalkar Infosys Computer
Siddhesh Tekale Infosys IT
Prasad Chandgude Infosys Mechanical
Rahul Kayal Infosys IT
Netaji Ghogare Syntel Computer
Pratima Sonawane Accenture Computer
Dnyanesh Tathode Syntel Computer
Ushatai Khadake Syntel Computer
Atharva Shiralkar Zcon Solutions Computer
Bhagyashri Patil Processia Baner Pune E & TC
Sangram Jadhav TCS IT
Supriya Ingawale Capgemini E&TC
Sampada Palange TCS E&TC
Prerana Mane TCS E&TC
Netaji Ghogare TCS Computer
Mohini Barawkar Wipro Computer
Shruti Bhandari Wipro Computer
Siddheshwar Tekale Wipro IT
Reshma Bhosale Wipro IT
Rushikesh Nikam Wipro IT
Dhanashri Lamb Wipro Computer
Priyanka Sabale Flexitronics E&TC
Anjali Ghogare Tata Technologies IT
Vaishali Deshmukh TaTa Technologies IT
Vikas Keskar Raykor Technologies, Pune Computer
Digvijay Deshmukh Infosys Computer
Saurabh Pawale Infosys Computer
Vaishnavi Alurkar Infosys IT
Ankita Chaskar Infosys IT
Namrata Mane Infosys IT
Akansha Mishra Infosys E&TC
Vrushali Gorwade Infosys E&TC
Rushikesh Hendre Infosys Mechanical
Swaraj Khalate Infosys Mechanical
Karan Jadhav Infosys Mechanical
Sangram Sangale Infosys Mechanical
Ajinkya Malvadkar Infosys Mechanical
Pruthvi Kawade Infosys Computer
Saurabh Shahane Globallogic Pune IT
Manisha Pansare Syntel Pune Computer
Sanjay Shinde Wipro Computer
Shrushti Chavan eZest, Pune Computer
Bhushan Chavan Bharat Forge Mechanical
Adarsh Agawane Bharat Forge Mechanical
Shraddha Chaudhari TATA Communications E&TC
Komal Doshi KPIT, Pune Computer
Priyanka Salunkhe L & T Infotech Computer
Gauri Bathe Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune IT
Gaurav Wadghule Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune IT
Sanket Gandal Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Sharon Dubey Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Software Pune Computer
Tejas Desai Tata Technologies Pune. Mechanical
Priyanka Nale Tata Technologies Pune. Computer
Kaustubh Borletwar Wipro LTD., Chennai E&TC
Harshvardhan Shahane Atos Syntel IT
Rutuja Kumbhar KPIT E&TC
Aqsa Kazi KPIT Electrical
Prajakta Bankar KPIT E&TC
Kalpesh Shaha Reliance Jio Infocomm E&TC
Rushikesh Shirwale Reliance Jio Infocomm Computer
Pallavi Cholakhane Vodafone Pune Computer
Darshan Waman Infosys Computer
Deepak Khamkar Infosys Computer
Chetan Shinde Infosys Computer
Vedika Joshi Infosys IT
Bhagyshree Kakade Infosys IT
Jeevan Salunkhe Infosys Electrical
Saurabh Bhujbal Infosys Civil
Rohit Kendre Infosys Civil
Jui Kharade Infosys Mechanical
Siddhant Chavan Infosys Mechanical
Snehal Nalawade TATA Technologies Computer
Rutuja Takale TATA Technologies Computer
Vaishnavi Bondre TATA Technologies Electrical
Kedar Deshpande TATA Technologies Electrical
Pratik Mohite TATA Technologies Electrical
Dhanashree Pote TATA Technologies Mechanical
Ratnaprabha Muthal TATA Technologies Mechanical
Rohit Nevase TATA Technologies Mechanical
Prajakta Khomane TATA Technologies Mechanical
Akshay Subhedar TATA Technologies Mechanical
Sneha Shirwale Syntel IT
Sneha Mule ITC Infotech IT
Sumit Jain ITC Infotech IT
Minaj Mulla Fiserv Pune E&TC
Saurabh Kanade Accenture IT
Anjali Rokade Amdocs IT
Seema Narale TE Connectivity Mechanical
Mangesh Tanpure Cyient Mechanical
Shrutika Ghatge Cyient E&TC
Nikita Chougule Cyient E&TC
Chaitrali Jadhav United Spirit ltd. (Diageo Group) Mechanical
Rushikesh Gaikwad United Spirit ltd. (Diageo Group) Mechanical
Onkar Salunkhe United Spirit ltd. (Diageo Group) Mechanical
Akash Swami United Spirit ltd. (Diageo Group) Electrical
Saurabh Nigade United Spirit ltd. (Diageo Group) Electrical
Vaishnavi Patil United Spirit ltd. (Diageo Group) Electrical
Shruti Hendre Amdocs Computer
Pallavi Jamdade Sodales Labs Computer
Pooja Kamble TCS Computer
Priyanka Katkade Raykor Pune Computer
Prathamaesh Amble L & T, Pune E&TC
Sangita Birajdar Accenture E&TC
Amar Chamwad Fiserv E&TC
Jyoti Nargide Accenture E&TC
Suprabha Pawar Sodales Labs E&TC
Monika Tambe Peppermint Clothing Private Limited Electrical
Anjali Ghogare Amdocs IT
Akash Kadam Aurus Tech.Private Limited Pune IT
Pallavi Naikwadi Amdocs IT
Rushikesh Salunkhe Iassure International Technologies Private Limited IT
Vaishnav Magar Atos Syntel Computer
Sudeshna Bhosale Atos Syntel Computer
Amit Sawant Extramarks Computer
Pooja Todkari Siemens Pune IT
Tejashri Mane R & D department of LG Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Pune ME- Digital System
Akshay Salunkhe TATA Motors Pune E&TC
Rutuja Desai TATA Motors Pune Electrical
Dnyaneshwar Sutar Nyati Group Civil
Akshay Deshmukh ITC Infotech, Pune Computer
Prasad Kare ThyssenKrupp, Pimpri Pune Mechanical
Bhunesh Nerkar Bharat Forge, Baramati. Mechanical
Sanket Jagtap MKCL Computer
Aditya Pansare Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Ajinkya Pude Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Ajinnkya Kulkarni Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Aravind Wakade Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Avadhut Changune Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Mahadev Gaikwad Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Manoj Gadekar Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Omkar Pharate Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Rameshwar Gavhane Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Rushikesh Barge Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Saurabh Shahane Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Shubhada Badgire Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Suyash More Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Swapnil Darekar Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Sweety Vedpathak Accurate Sales and Services Pvt. Ltd. Pune Mechanical
Vedant Durugkar Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited Baramati . Mechanical
Vinayak Babare ISTC Pune E&TC
Vishal Sarade ISTC Pune E&TC
Sharad Shinde ISTC Pune E&TC
Pratap Pawar ISTC Pune E&TC
Sarang Teli ISTC Pune E&TC
Rohan Hirave ISTC Pune E&TC
Amit Pawar ISTC Pune E&TC
Amit Rekhawar ISTC Pune E&TC
Harshal Lambture ISTC Pune Mechanical
Sanket Mahajan ISTC Pune Mechanical
Sujay Patil ISTC Pune Mechanical
Saurabh Nadgire ISTC Pune Mechanical
Aniket Owal ISTC Pune Mechanical
Shambhuraje Patil ISTC Pune Mechanical
Anmol Pawar ISTC Pune Mechanical
Siddhant Mhaske ISTC Pune Mechanical
Mayank Singh ISTC Pune Mechanical
Mahadev Gaikwad ISTC Pune Mechanical
Dnyaneshwar Wagh ISTC Pune Mechanical
Shailesh Kakade ISTC Pune Mechanical
Praphulla Devkar ISTC Pune Mechanical
Shubham Suryawanshi ISTC Pune Mechanical
Amar Deolalikar ISTC Pune Mechanical
Kishor Satpute ISTC Pune Civil
Sandesh Shelke ISTC Pune Civil
Abdulaziz Shaikh ISTC Pune Civil
Avdhut Nimbalkar ISTC Pune Civil
Venkatesh Mundhe ISTC Pune Civil
Rushikesh Tiwari ISTC Pune Civil
Akshay Bhagat ISTC Pune Civil
Bhagchand Kakade ISTC Pune Civil
Gautam Jadhav ISTC Pune Civil
Jaydatta Patil ISTC Pune Civil
Bhushan Patil ISTC Pune Civil
Adesh khaire ISTC Pune Electrical
Sushant Pachapure ISTC Pune Electrical
Sachin Bhagat ISTC Pune Electrical
Mandar Kharat ISTC Pune Electrical
Akash Adhav ISTC Pune Electrical
Shailsh Zirmire ISTC Pune Electrical
Aman Tamboli ISTC Pune Electrical
Saurabh Magar ISTC Pune Electrical
Ravindra Nagare ISTC Pune Electrical
Sheshnath Sakhare ISTC Pune Electrical
Kalyan Mane ISTC Pune Electrical
Shubham Das ISTC Pune Mechanical
Atul Dabhade ISTC Pune Mechanical
Saurabh Magar ISTC Pune Electrical
Ashutosh Narute ISTC Pune Electrical
Sachin Bhagat Crescendo Worldwide Pune Electrical
Abhishek Nimbalkar Crescendo Worldwide Pune Electrical
Aishwarya Pawar Crescendo Worldwide Pune Electrical
Manas Kulkarni Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Shantanu Shelake Jagtap Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Vrishali Bhutkar Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Prajakta Nawale Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Kiran Navgire Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Sujay Patil Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Roshan Sharma Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Vedant Durugkar Crescendo Worldwide Pune Mechanical
Gauri Taware Crescendo Worldwide Pune Civil
Puja Jagdale Crescendo Worldwide Pune IT
Sonali Ambare Crescendo Worldwide Pune IT
Pooja Nale Crescendo Worldwide Pune E&TC
Rutuja Waghmode Capgemini E&TC
Rushikesh Hendre KSB Mechanical
Shambhuraje Patil KSB Mechanical
Swaraj Khalate KSB Mechanical
Priya Thorat Q Spider Computer
Ankita Yadav Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd. Pune Computer
Harshada Jagtap Amdocs E&TC
Sharada Khating Q Spider E&TC
Swapnil Mane Q Spider Electrical
Sachin Bhagat Q Spider Electrical
Shilpa Gaikwad Q Spider IT
Ankita Kshirsagar Capgemini IT
Shrushti Chavan Capgemini Computer
Harshada Shinde Capgemini Electrical
Priti Munde Excellence Shelters Civil
Gautam Jadhav Excellence Shelters Civil
Akshay Deshmukh Mindtree Computer
Vikas Kalel Mindtree Computer
Ankita Sutar Cresendo Worldwide Mechanical
- Total 328

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