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Electronics And Telecommunication Department

Dr. Santosh Chede

The Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department has a rich tradition in research and teaching. The research interests of the faculty members of the department encompass the wide area of applied and fundamental aspects of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Collaboration in between the research groups of the department and with other departments is also a practice. The Department has been constantly modernizing the infrastructure and laboratory facilities.

Faculty are encouraged to take independent initiatives with collective responsibility in all the relevant academic and R&D dimensions - teaching, curriculum development, graduate research supervision, R&D, continuing education or organization of conferences, symposia, etc. They have ample freedom to associate as members of teams with other faculty, research engineers or with faculty in interdisciplinary areas. Several faculty members of the Department participate in interdisciplinary programs with colleagues from other Departments.

The department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the established and largest departments in the Institution. Our faculty brings state-of-the-art research, development, and design experience into the classroom, ensuring that our students and alumni are able to apply for registration as professional engineers in all part of global engineering and the scientific community.

Contact No: 02112-239525
Fax: 02112-239514
E-Mail: [email protected]
Title Full time/Part time Duration Intake Established
B.E. ENTC Engineering Full Time 4 years/ 8 sem 120 2000
M.E. Digital Systems Full Time 2 years/ 4 sem 18 2010
Electronics And Telecommunication Department was established in the year 2000. The intake for under graduate course is 120. Electronics And Telecommunication Department is committed to provide quality education in the field of Telecommunication. The strength of the Department is qualified and devoted faculty, motivated students and well equipped labs. Our faculty and students work together to study, experiment and to solve problems in the various fields such as Networking, Security, Information Retrieval, Image Processing and Pattern Analysis.
To develop professionals in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering to contribute in solving technological problems faced by society.
  • To impart value added education for developing professional competencies and life skills.
  • To empower facilitators with knowledge, skills and conducive work culture.
  • To reciprocate with collaborating organizations and industries to ensure continual improvements.
  • To integrate efforts of all stake holders for the benefit of society.
  • Excellence in academics.
  • Motivating students for higher studies.
  • Establishing Industry-Institute interaction.
  • Supporting the faculty qualification improvement.
  • Research activities to bring out practical solutions to real world problem.
  • Encouraging students for participating in workshops and conferences.
  • To organize workshops and conferences under the EESA(ENTC Engineering Students Association) Student Chapter.
  • To continuously update the faculty and students with latest technology and knowledge by organizing Continuing Education Programs
  • The department aims to cater needs of budding engineers in the emerging fields of Advanced Communications, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Signal & Image Processing, etc. Consistent efforts are taken by the faculty to bring in the new advancements in existing laboratories along with essential trainings to the students.

  • The department regularly arranges meets with industries and conducts refresher courses in coordination with institutions of Higher Learnings in emerging areas to sustain the pace of advancements. Special training sessions are also arranged along with regular curriculum in order to increase the employability of students.

  • The department also offers Postgraduate Program in Digital Systems which further supports the research and extension activities.


Faculty Name



Dr. Rajankumar Bichkar Principal Ph.D.(Electronics), IIT Kharagpur
Dr. Sudhir Lande
Vice-Principal B.E.(Electronics Engg.),M.Tech (IIT KGP),Ph.D.
Dr. Rajveer Shastri
Professor Ph.D.(Electronics)
Dr. Santosh Chede
HOD Ph.D. (Electronics and communication),VNIT, Nagpur
Mr. Vikas Deshmukh
Assistant Professor B.E.(Electronics),M.E.(Communication System).Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Mr. Balasaheb Patil
Assistant Professor B.E.(E&TC), M.E.(Microwave Communication), Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Mr. Premanand Kadbe
Assistant Professor B.E.(E&TC), M.Tech.(Electronics Engg.)
Mrs. Jyoti Rangole
Assistant Professor B.E.(Electronics),M.Tech.(Digital System),Ph.D.(Pursuing)
Mrs. Aparna Shastri
Assistant Professor B.E.(Industrial Electronics),M.E.(Electronics)
Mrs. Varsha Surwase
Assistant Professor B.E.(E&TC), M.E.(Electronics Engg.)
Mr. Shantanu Jagadale
Assistant Professor B.E.(E&TC),M.Tech.(E&TC)
Mr. Parashuram Arotale
Assistant Professor M.Tech.(Electronics), Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Mr. Shashank Biradar
Assistant Professor B.Tech.(E&TC),M.Tech.(Electronics Engg.)
Mr. Madan Jadhav
Assistant Professor B.E.(Electronics ),M.Tech(E&TC)
Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bramhane
Assistant Professor M.Tech(NIT, Bhopal), Ph.D.(IIIT, Jabalpur)
Mr. Devidas Kushnure
Assistant Professor B.Tech.(E&TC), M.Tech.(Electronics)
Mr. Shrikrishna Kolhar
Assistant Professor B.E.(E&TC), M.E.(Digital System)
Mr. Sachin Trankatwar
Assistant Professor A.M.I.E.T.E (E & TC), M.Tech (E & TC)
Mr. Ajinkya Bankar
Assistant Professor B.E (E & TC), M.E (Digital System)
Mr. Rohit Piske
Assistant Professor B.E (E & TC),M.Tech. (Electronics Engineering)
Mr. Vinay Nagalkar
Assistant Professor M.E (Digital Electronics), M.B.A (HR) & Ph.D (Pursuing)
Mr. Anil Bhagat
Assistant Professor B.E (E & TC), M.E (Digital System)
Ms. Sonal Nikam
Assistant Professor B.E (E & TC), M.E (Digital System)
Ms. Nirvikalpata Bhosle
Assistant Professor B.E.(E & TC), M.E.(Digital Communication)


Solid State Devices Lab


Wireless Setup-Digital Storage Oscilloscope-100 MHz, Arbitrary/Function Generator-25MHz , Digital Multi meter, DC Power Supply-Triple Channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope-70MHz, Oscilloscope-20MHz, Function Generator-2MHz.

Lab. Incharge: Mrs. Aparna Shastri

Project Lab


IIT Delhi MIC Kit, VNA-14GHz, CST Microwave Studio, USRP Software Defined Radio Kit, Genesys 2 Kintex-7 FPGA Development Board, NI Embedded Vision System, Emotiv EEG Headset, Wireless Setup-Digital Storage Oscilloscope-100MHz, Arbitrary/Function Generator-25MHz.

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Shashank Biradar

Digital Electronics Lab


Universal Test System (Counter), Digital IC Trainer Kits, Digital Storage Oscilloscope 70MHz and 100MHz, Function Generator 1MHz, Basic Electronics Components Trainer Kits

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Balasaheb Patil

VLSI and Embedded Systems Lab


Xilinx FPGA Universal Trainer Kit, Microcontroller Trainer Kits: 8051,PIC,ARM7,ARM9 and Interfacing Kits , CPLD Cool Runner Trainer Kit, EDA Tools: Xilinx 8.2i,Microwind

PC Configuration

Lenovo 2.8 GHz Dual Core

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Premanand Kadbe

Communication System Lab


Antenna Trainer Kit, Agilent Setup: Mixed Oscilloscope 100MHz, Waveform Generator 15MHz, 6 1/2 DMM, Triple Output Power Supply, Spectrum Analyzer 1.5GHz, Logic Analyzer 34 Channel, Mobile Trainer Kits, Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100MHz, LCR-Q Meter

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Parshuram Arotale

RF and Microwave Lab


Digital Storage Oscilloscope 30MHz, Function Generator 2MHz with Attenuator, Microwave Klystron Test Bench, Microwave Gunn based Test Bench


Optiwave - Optisystem Optical Fiber Simulation Suite v 13

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Shantanu Jagdale

Linear IC Lab


Digital Storage Oscilloscope 70 MHz, Function Generator 25MHz , Digital Multimeter, Dual Tracking DC Power Supply, Power Electronics Trainer Kits.

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Madan Jadhav

Signal Processing Lab


DSP Starter Kit [TMS320C6713], Code Composer Studio, MATLAB 2015 10 Users, Signal Processing Toolbox 5 Users, Communication Toolbox 5 Users

Lab. Incharge: Mrs.Jyoti Rangole

Audio Video and Mechatronics Lab


TV Trainer System, Wifi TV

Lab. Incharge: Mr. Shashank Biradar

Student Participation

  • Students Awards/Achievements 2018-19

    Onkar Adake got selected as Police Sub Inspector (PSI) in the MPSC Examination.

    Sohel Shaikh, Shubham Kumbhar,Komal Nagne and Bhupali Nagne are the students of TE-E&TC got selected in Regional Finals of the e-Yantra Project Competition (eYIC-2019) organized by IIT, Bombay.

    Mr. Ashish Kulkarni(TE-E&TC),Ms. Bhupali Nagne(TE-E&TC), Mr. Shubham Temkar(TE-E&TC) and Mr. Kalpesh Shah (BE-E&TC) have qualified final round of National Level Intech Olympiad Project Competition 2018.

    Students Awards/Achievements 2017-18

    Shon Taware, Priya Zingade and Shamali Kirve received the Best Paper award at National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology" (NCETET - 2018) held at SVPMCOE, Malegoan on 28th March, 2018.

    Shivani Joshi has received online NPTEL certification in Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality with score of 82%

    Swapnil Laxman Bhilare from E.N.T.C Department got selected in top six projects for his project title 'Brain Hemorrhage Detection Using Digital Image Processing' through UG category in Medicine and Pharmacy discipline under the guidance of Prof. Vinay J. Nagalkar . at S.P.P.U Pune in AVISHKAR 2018 .

    Shon Taware, Om Dukare, Vrushali Gorwade are winner Zonal and Regional level Intra-University Research Festival Avishkar 2017-18.
    Amruta Taksale, Shivani joshi presented paper on IoT- A Futuristic Vision at 6th National conference on Skill Convergence organized by SPPU Pune and AIMS Baramati.

    Pawar Pratiksha, Chaitanya Pawar, Anjali Chavle won Online Contest conducted by Edgate Technologies Pvt Ltd. Which is partner of Texas Instruments.

    Ms. Aswathi Nair (BE) participated in "Mechfest-17" competition which was organised by Mechanical Engineering Department. She got the First Prize in "Talk War" in MechFest on 27 to 28 September 2017.

    Ms. Akanksha Mishra (TE) participated in "Idea Presentation Competition" and she got First Prize in this Competition. This Competition was organised on 15 September 2017.

    Drishti Online Contest is an online test conducted by Edgate Technologies Pvt Ltd. of Texas Instruments. This test was on MSP430 microcontroller platform. There are 40 MCQ questions each carrying 1mark for correct answer and -0.25 for wrong answer.

    The total number of students Registered: 258

    The total number of students Participated: 210

    List of Winners as follows:

    1. Name:Pawar Pratiksha Balasaheb Score: 17.75

    2. Name: Chaitanya Nandkumar Pawar

    Score: 17.50 3.Name: Anjali Baliram Chavle Score: 16.75

    Students Awards/Achievements 2016-17
    Name of Student Achievement
    Murtaza Jiniyawala (BE-E&TC)
    Sushma Molawade (BE-E&TC)
    Snehal Patil (BE-E&TC)
    They have secured First Prize in National Technical Event "Technofest2k17" held at Akluj for the project "Modem Communication System using Software Defined Radio"
    Kalpesh Shah(TE-E&TC) Kalpesh Shah has secured First Prize in Poster Presentation at S. B. Patil College of Engineering, Indapur on 22nd March 2017.
    Nikita Mudkhana (BE-E&TC)
    Sayali Shingate (BE-E&TC)
    Suchit Kapale (BE-E&TC)
    They have secured Third Prize in Project Presentation at S. B. Patil College of Engineering, Indapur on 22nd March 2017.
    Kalpesh Shah (TE-E&TC) Kalpesh Shah has secured First Prize in Poster Presentation at MIT PersonaFest 2017 held at MIT, Loni Kalbhor, Pune on 4th,5th & 6th.
    Samrudha Nirmale(SE-ENTC)
    Ankit Singh (TE-ENTC)
    Swapnil Bhilare (TE-ENTC)
    Kalpesh Shah (TE-ENTC)
    Shon Taware (TE_ENTC)
    Sufiyan Haldar (TE-ENTC)
    Chaitanya Kulkarni (BE-ENTC)
    have cracked first round of Innofest 2016 contest organised by Hella Automotive PVT. LTD. and selected for second round.

    ME Students Awards/Achievements 2014-15
    Name of Student Achievement
    Amruta Pandit Project entitled 'Automatic counting of Silkworm eggs' Shortlisted for the final round of Engineering Students Innovation Challenge 2014 Project competition.
    Chaitali Raje District Level Winner for the project
    1.Leukemia detection in microscopic images of Engineering Students Innovation Challenge 2014 Project competition.
    2. Publish Research paper entitled Detection of Leukemia in microscopic images using LabVIEW
    Nilima Mohite Publish Research paper entitled
    1.Epileptic Encephalogram Classification
    2.EEG Signal Analysis Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
    Suchita Nanaware Publish Research paper entitled
    1. Passive Acoustic detection and classification of marine mammals vocalizations
    2. Cetaceans Detection and Classification Algorithms for Use in Automated Passive Acoustic Monitoring
    Sonal Nikam Publish Research paper entitled
    1. Comparative Analysis of ECG Baseline Wander Correction Techniques
    2. Application of ICA for Fetal ECG Separation
    Juie Peshave Publish Research paper entitled Feature Extraction of an ECG Signal
    Chaitali Raje Publish Research paper entitled Detection of Leukemia In Microscopic Images Using Image Processing
    Bhagyashri Patil Publish Research paper entitled
    1.Wavelet denoising with ICA forsegmentation of bio-acoustic sound sources in noisy underwater environment
    2. Spectrogram Denoising and Extraction of Dolphin Whistle Contour
    Rupali Kachare Publish Research paper entitled Compact Dual Band Planar Monopole Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX
    Sneha Karvekar Publish Research paper entitled 'Design of Compact Probe Fed Slot Loaded Microstip Antenna'
    Kanchan Ghule Publish Research paper entitled 'Development of Irrigation Monitoring System using Sensor Nodes based on ZigBee'
    Vidhya Shinde Publish Research paper entitled Comparative Evaluation of Adaptive Algorithms for Filtering of Ambient Noise Sources
    Ankika H. Rasal Publish Research paper entitled Classification Techniques for Sediment Analysis
    Snehal B. Akhade Publish Research paper entitled Detection of Optic Disc in Fundus Images
    Priya V. Bothe Publish Research paper entitled Underwater Sediment Classification Using Characteristics of Echoes
  • BE Students Awards/Achievements
    Sr. No. Name of Student Achievement
    1 Mayur Ramesh Polakhare 1. Participated in the Event Techscribe and Secured First Position during 29th August -1st September, 2013 at the IIT Guwahati.
    2. Participated in the Event Platform 101 and Secured First Position during 29th August -1st September, 21013 at the IIT Guwahati.
    2 Project Group:
    1.Chaitanya More
    2.Nayan Modve
    3.Pawan Nikam
    1. Zonal Level Winner for the project 'Leukemia detection in microscopic images' of Avishkar 2013 Project competition organized by university of Pune.
    2. Project 'Leukemia detection in microscopic images' Shortlisted for the final round of NI-Yantra 2014 National Level Project Competition Organized by the National Instruments.
    3 1. Shelke Shweta V.
    2. Sawant Pooja R.
    3.Sonawane Vasundhra
    4.Bhapkar Amruta
    University of pune : University board of Sports
    Pune District Zone: Inter-Collegiate Sports (Team Event)
    Runner -up Prize in Basketball - Girls Tournament.
    4 Vidyadhar Konde Qualified GATE Examination 2014.
    5 Dipti Alibade Qualified GATE Examination 2014.
    6 Supriya Ankushe Qualified GATE Examination 2014.
    7 Ganesh Repale Qualified GATE Examination 2014.

Faculty Awards/Achievements

    Acedemic Year 2018-19

  • Mr. V.J.Nagalkar

  • Mr. V.J.Nagalkar has won 1st prize in Medicine and Pharmacy category for best research from all the University of Maharashtra at Maharashtra State Inter-University Research Festival hosted by Gondwana University, Gadchiroli and organized by Government of Maharashtra from 15/1/2019 to 18/1/2019.

    Acedemic Year 2017-18

  • Mr. V.J.Nagalkar

  • Mr. V.J.Nagalkar working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication had participated in Anveshan: The National Student Research Convention where his research work was awarded with Dr. S.K.Mukherjee Gold Medal award for the best Contribution in research work in the field of Engineering and Technology.
    Dr. Sudhir Lande

  • Dr. Sudhir Lande has received "Best Professor in Electronics & Telecomm. Engg." at Dewang Mehta National Education Awards (Regional Round).

    Acedemic Year 2016-17

  • Mr. Vinay Nagalkar

  • Dr. S.K.Mukherjee Research Award for the best Ph.D Research from all over India.

    First prize for the best Ph.D research in Medical and Pharmacy discipline at All India University Research Convention 2016-17 (ANVESHAN) held at Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.

    First prize for the best Ph.D research in Medical and Pharmacy discipline at AIU Central Zone Research Convention 2016-17 (ANVESHAN) held at Dr. C.V. Raman University Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

    First prize for the best Ph.D research in Medical and Pharmacy discipline at 11th Maharashtra State Inter-University Research Convention (AVISHKAR 2016) held at North Marathwada University Nanded.
    Mr.Lokesh Kumar Bramhane

  • "Young Scientist Award" for "An exploration of charge plasma concept for nano-scale devices" in May 2015.
  • Mr. Balasaheb Patil (Principal Investigator) & Mr. Premanand Kadbe (Co-Investigator)

  • Grant Received under BCUD Research Proposals: 2016-2018 for the project "A Pipeline VLSI architecture for 2-D DWT".
  • Mr. P. N. Arotale(Principal Investigator) & Mr. Premanand Kadbe (Co-Investigator)

  • Grant Received under BCUD Research Proposals: 2016-2018 for the project "EEG based Emotion Recognition".
  • Mrs. Jyoti Rangole(Principal Investigator)

  • Grant Received under BCUD Research Proposals: 2016-2018 for the project "Side Scan SONAR Image Analysis".
  • Dr. S. B. Deosarkar

  • AICTE-MODROB Proposal of Rs.20 Lakh Sanctioned for Microwave Engineering

    Prof. V. U. Deshmukh

  • Awarded with Summer Research Fellowship at IIT Delhi.
    Under his guidance three Research papers published by M.E. Students in IEEE conference held at Tamilnadu India.
    Prof. R.K Shastri

  • Under his guidance five Research papers published by M.E. Students in IEEE conference held at Tamilnadu India.
    Prof. J.S.Rangole

  • Under her guidance one Research paper published by M.E. Students in IEEE conference held at Tamilnadu India.
    Under her guidance one BE project group shortlisted in final round of NI-Yantra 2014, National Level competition organized by National Instruments.
    Under her guidance one BE project Won Zonal level competition Avishkar 2013 organized by University of Pune.
    Under her guidance one ME project Shortlisted for engineering students Innovation Challenge 2014 final round.
    Under her guidance one ME project has been winner at district level in Engineering Students Innovation Challenge 2014.
    Prof. S.D.Biradar

  • He received Research grant from BCUD Pune for research Proposal on 'EEG Signal Classification for Brain Computer Interface Applications' sanctioned amount is Rs. 1.8 Lakh.
    Prof. S.S.Jagdale

  • Awarded with summer research fellowship at IIT Delhi.
    Prof. M.M.Jadhav

  • He received Research grant from BCUD Pune for research Proposal on 'Microstrip Patch Antenna' sanctioned amount is Rs. 1.8 Lakh.


May-2018 Toppers:

Final Year(BE)

1. Amruta Nagale-78.00%
2. Swapnil Bhilare-77.53%
3. Aditi Patil -77.33%
4. Sufiyan Haldar -77.27%
5. Swapnil Mane-76.53%

Third Year(TE)

1. Akanksha Mishra -73.07%
2. Amrita Jagtap-72.60%
3. Suvarna Galande-71.00%
4. Dipali Walke -70.27%
5. Bhagyashri Jadhav-68.33%

Second Year(SE)

1. Komal Nagawade-73.00%
2. Pradnya Vaste-71.00%
3. Shivani Mule-69.00%
4. Ajay Wagh-69.00%
5. Shraddha Kalyankar -68.00%

Industrial Visits

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit Industrial Visit Industrial Visit

Industrial visit is an integral part of the academic curriculum which provides students the greater insight about the working environment of an organization. Institute organizes regular visits to various industries in order to understand and learn the emerging trends in the field of engineering & technology
Visit to Infocomm India

20th Sept. 2018

E & TC

Infocomm India is the only dedicated exhibition platform for professional audio visual and experiential communications technologies in the thriving nation. Over 200 exhibitors including manufacturers from over 20 countries chose INFOCOMM India as the place to showcase their game changing products and services to 8,162 local and international visitors. 47 Student and two Faculties of E&TC department visited this exhibition held at Mumbai on 20th Sept. 2018.

Visit to SGGSIE&T Nanded

6th July 2018

E & TC

To learn the quality aspects of engineering education system, a team of 3 students and 2 faculties lead by Dr. R. K. Shastri visited SGGSIE&T Nanded on 6th July 2018. During this visit we observed various departments, center of excellence, skill development initiatives, placements, and best practices of the Institute.

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers LTD, Chakan

24th Mar. 2017

TE - E & TC

The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about how various activities related to marketing, financing and human resource are carried out in company .

Aftek Ltd.,Chincholi Solapur

6th Oct. 2016

TE - E & TC

Aftek Ltd. is full spectrum technology services company from India. Handheld PDAs (Personal Data Assistants), Face readers are the major products of the Aftek factory in Solapur. These PDAs are used in various applications such as Ticketing, Pigmy Machines, Toll collection etc.Face readers are used for attendance & security.

Industrial Visits Archives

BSNL, Chinchawad

3rd Feb to 4th Feb, 2016

E & TC

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It was incorporated on 15 September 2000 and took over the business of providing of telecom services and network management from the erstwhile Central Government Departments of Telecom Services (DTS) and Telecom Operations (DTO), with effect from 1 October 2000 on a going concern basis. It is the largest provider of fixed telephony, largest broadband services provider with more than 60% Market share, and fourth largest mobile telephony provider in India. .Activities conducted at RTTC and BSNL Exchange Overview of telecommunication networks, Visit to Transmission lab, Visit to BTS Lab, Visit to BSC Lab, Visit to MSC Lab, Visit to GMSC Lab

Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

3rd & 4th Mar, 2015


Piaggio is today one of the leading manufacturers of 2-wheeler and small commercial vehicles in the world. With its registered office in Pontedera (Pisa), Piaggio is the market leader in Europe and has expanded its operations to 24 countries, including a major presence in Asian markets. The product range includes scooters, mopeds and motorcycles starting from 50 to 1,200cc under the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi and Scarabeo brands. The 3 and 4-wheeled light transportation vehicles are marketed under the Ape, Porter and Quargo brands.

GMRT Khodad Junnar Pune

28th Feb. 2013

TE & BE-E & TC

Guest Lectures

Name of Speaker/Guest Topic Date
Dr. U. V. Kulkarni
Profesor Computer Science and Engineering, SGGS&T, Nanded
"Neural Networks" 12/10/2018
Dr. S.N.Talbar "Image Processing Applications and Research" 10/10/2018
Dr. Ashok Mondal
Phd (IIT, Kharagpur) Assistant Professor at NIT, Karnataka,Surathkal.
"Wavelet Transform based Heart Signal Denoising Techniques" 19/06/2018
Mr. Amit Chavan (Alumni)
Project Engineer in CDAC ,Pune
Career Guidance 18/11/2017
Mr. Aniruddha More
KPIT Technology Ltd, Pune
Embedded System 29/07/2017
Dr. Milan Sasmal
Professor Researcher,
IIT Kharagpur
Nano Devices 17/04/2017
Dr. Arvind Mishra
Associate General Manager,
Sterlite Technologies
Next Generation Broadband Access Technology. 29/03/2017
Dr. S. S. Pathak
Professor, IIT Kharagpur
Challenges in Network Security 24/03/2017
Anand Agrawal
PhD Scholar,IIT Guwahati
Fundamentals of Wireless Communication & Advance Concepts 06/03/2017
Dr. Mohan Kolhe Home Energy Management System
Smart Grid, Micro Grid Architecture
14/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
Dr. R R Manthalkar
SGGS , Nanded
Value Education and Joyful Learning 27/09/2016
Mr. Sandip Murkute
Inspector of Motor Vehicle, RTO Baramati and
Mr. Abhijit Tarkase
Assistant Inspector of Motor Vehicle, RTO Baramati
Road Safety Management 22/09/2016

Guest Lectures Archives

Name of Speaker/Guest Topic
Dr. A. K. Das Underwater Signal Processing
Dr. M. P. Abegaonkar Microwave Engineering
Dr. Debashis Adhikari Wireless Communication
Dr. M. A. Joshi Signal Processing
Dr. Y. V. Joshi Image Processing


  • About EESA

    EESA-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Students Association is a platform for the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Students to share the knowledge, intelligence, abilities, and experiences together and rise together. The main objective of this students association is to fortify the curricular, extracurricular, professional, social abilities of student's community and organize the related programs within the department to enhance the objective. The core committee students of EESA conduct programs with the students and the department. It enriches strong bond between the students and improve their capabilities for new ones. We, the EESA works for the students in all dimensions viz. academic, cultural, sports etc. In academic activities we organize expert talks, seminars, poster presentation, weekly apptitude tests, GATE MOCK Tests; in cultural activities we organize art gallery exhibitions, creativity corner space on EESA board, art competitions; and in sports activities we organize departmental indoor and outdoor games. We conduct varieties of preplanned events throughout year.


    * To enhance the multidisciplinary qualities of the students.
    * To create the awareness to foster the knowledge in the related field through regular meetings, GD, talks, seminars and questionnaires.
    * To enhance the workaholic and conjunctive abilities, team spirit, of the active members.
    * CC-PROP (Come Commit Plan Rehearse Organize Prove) is our motto.


    • EESA had celebrated Engineers' Day by arranging different competitions like ELECTROVAGENZA, DECODE, PRADNYA, ENCUESTA & TECHQUEST.